Men’s basketball roster update — May 2

With the hiring of Darian DeVries as head coach this offseason, the West Virginia men’s basketball team will look very different next season, with both new additions and departures.

This week alone the Mountaineers received a few transfer commitments and the team is starting to take shape. The transfer portal is also now closed, meaning players will no longer be able to enter the transfer portal this cycle, but can sign with a new school if they have already entered the portal. With that being said, let’s take a look at WVU’s roster starting Thursday.

G Aden Tagloa-Nelson, Sophomore

G Javon Klein, Senior

G KJ Tenner, Freshman

G Sencire Harris, Redshirt sophomore

G/F Tucker DeVries, Senior

F Amani Hansberry, Sophomore

F Ofri Naveh, Sophomore

F Toby Okani, Fifth year

C Eduardo André, Fifth year

Although they haven’t officially signed yet, Andre committed to West Virginia on Tuesday and Small on Wednesday. DeVries was the first player to transfer to WVU, after his father transferred to Morgantown. Then, former Illinois teammates Hansberry and Harris signed with the Mountaineers around the same time on April 22. Okani committed and also signed last week.

The only two Mountaineers returning from last season are Naveh and Tagloa-Nelson. However, Tagloa-Nelson may not be on the team in 2024-25 because he was added during the season last year and is a WVU football player, what allowed him to play was an agreement between former interim head coach Josh Eilert’s staff and the staff by Neal Brown. . Making Naveh the only real basketball player returning next year, it was announced on Wednesday that he would remain with the team.