The X-Mansion from X-Men ’97 can be booked on AirBnB

The famous X-Mansion from animated revival X Men ’97 is available to book on Airbnb, as part of the rental company’s Icons offering.

To mark X Men ’97a revival of the animated series featuring Marvel’s band of mutants from the ’90s, Professor

Guests at the Westchester, New York property enter a completely real building, which has been given a clever 2D cartoon makeover to give potential X-Men recruits the X experience (get it?) of a lifetime .

The experience – apart from a basic stay – is “hosted” by mutant Jubilee, and you can X-pect (OK, that’s enough):

  • The ability to create experiments in Beast’s laboratory
  • The chance to train as an X-Man in the Danger Room
  • A stop in the War Room for team briefings and to try out the Cerebro human detection device
  • An overnight stay in the pyrotechnic Jubilee bedroom straight out of the 90s, Wolverine’s room, Beast’s laboratory or the new recruit dormitory.

Other features in the X-Mansion include Xavier’s office, Storm and Cyclops’ costumes, and a giant, decapitated Sentinel head on the lawn. You know, to show them who’s boss.

The X-Mansion offers everything you expect from your favorite mutants (Supplied/Holly Andres)

In addition to the listing on Airbnb’s website, a message from Jubilee to potential guests reads: “When I’m not at the mall, you can find me with my fellow X-Men. We’re talking Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine. I learned how to light up the sky at Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning.

“Basically I have the power to shoot fireworks out of my hands. Rad, right? I can’t wait to have you come to our home so you can see what all the fuss is about.”

Fans of X Men ’97which has received phenomenal reviews and is Marvel Studios’ first project featuring the mutants since the company regained film and television rights to the characters with Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox, will be thrilled at the prospect of walking the same halls as Magneto, Professor X and the other mutants.

A particular favorite among queer viewers, the

You can book the X-Mansion here with a stay from June. Requests to book the X-Men experience, which is separate from a stay, can be made from May 9.

“Icons transport you to worlds that previously only existed in your imagination,” said Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb. “As life becomes more and more digital, we’re focused on bringing more magic into the real world. With Icons we have created the most special experiences on earth.”