J.Lindeberg releases the 2024 summer holiday collection

Although summer is a time full of parties, get-togethers, concerts and celebrations, it is also a time for outdoor sports. Although all sports have seasonal lines, there is a different energy that comes with being active in the summer sun. To stay prepared for the active fun ahead, J.Lindeberg has unveiled its new Summer Holidays 2024 campaign.

The main stage of the collection features golf and tennis, the main summer sports. But what’s also striking about the sport is their potential for comfortable, yet chic clothing – you’ll often see examples like crisp white gold shorts and white pleated tennis skirts. But to further merge the fields of fashion and sports, the Swedish clothing brand is diving into the island with a Dominican Republic-inspired collection.

The collections are part of the brand’s ‘Islands’ theme and draw on the landscapes and luxurious elements of the Casa de Campo resort in Hispaniola. In the wardrobe you’ll find activewear dipped in rich shades of coral, navy blue, turquoise and white on shorts, skirts, tops and lightweight jackets. While some pieces appear in solid iterations of the aforementioned shades, others appear in bold geometric designs. Specifically among tops, you might find a T-shirt with all-over tennis balls or an all-over print of the brand’s Bridge logo.

“As we conclude our ‘Islands’ theme, we are excited to present a collection that not only meets the technical demands of athletes, but also resonates with the stylish customer looking for versatility and elegance in their sportswear,” said J.Lindeberg’s Chief Creative Officer, Neil Lewty.

Check out the wardrobe in the gallery above. J.Lindeberg’s Summer Holiday 2024 collection is now available in store and online.