Everything you need to know to prepare for the launch of V Rising

The time is near, fellow vampires. V Rising is just around the corner and we must prepare for its arrival. Have you never played the early access version? Don’t know what exactly V Rising is about? Want to find out how to be the best vampire? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the release of V Rising.

Breakdown V Rising Launch Day Update 1.0

V Rising will officially release on PC via Steam on May 8, 2024 and with it comes the game’s latest update, which delivers a lot of desirable content. For veterans, this update brings new weapons, changes, areas, monsters and threats to the game. Here’s a deep dive into V Rising’s update 1.0.

  • Ruins of Mortium – Ruins of Mortium is a new area in Valdoran that players can explore over time. It is said that an ancient evil stirs here and players will discover dark secrets throughout the land.
  • Conflict zones – Conflict Zones are special zones within the Ruins of Mortium where players can secure and conquer areas for rewards. This is an endgame area, where players can engage in skirmishes for exclusive resources.
  • Freight travelers – Cargo Travelers are people who travel through Valdoran where players can hunt for blood and resources. These travelers usually carry several tools that can be useful.
  • New difficulty modifiers – Players can customize how difficult their adventure will be. Players can choose between Relaxed, Standard and Brutal, with the latter being the most challenging difficulty within the game.
  • Improved combat – The latest update also brings new and improved magic, allowing players to explore and experiment with different playstyles and spells.
  • Dracula’s influence and followers – Players can explore the ruins of Mortium and take down Dracula’s loyal followers to earn resources, as well as delve deep into his castle and enter the Shadow Realm to supposedly fight the vampire king again. Players can also battle followers of Dracula’s legion, including the powerful generals of the vampire king’s court, Elena the Hollow, Cassius the Betrayer and Valencia the Depraved.
  • New weapons and equipment – The latest update brings new weapons such as bows, whips and an arsenal of unique weapons such as throwing sickles. There will also be plenty of new gear for players to pick up along their journey.
  • Moving castles – Players can now move their castles to different places using magic, as long as the new area is available for movement.
  • World improvements – Discover new discoveries in Farbane Woods. Players can discover new game content in the Dunley Farmlands and uncover secrets about Dracula’s downfall after the Church of Light defeated the vampire king centuries ago.
  • Visual improvements – Valdoran has received a visual update, improving the look and style of the world and making it more attractive. Experienced players will notice that the game looks even better with the full release of the game.
  • Improvements in quality of life – From an achievement system to new music, gamepad support and better item management, the latest update will improve many aspects of quality of life within V Rising. There will also be new customizable castle decorations and armor for players to pick up.

The bloody quest for greatness – What is V rising?

The short answer is: it’s a vampire survival game: the end. But the longer, more detailed answer is that it’s a twisted, gothic action role-playing game about vampires who rule the realm and face the challenges of battle, diplomacy, bloodlust, and daylight.

V Rising is an open world survival game where you can play as a vampire and wake up from their slumber after sleeping for centuries. Much of the world has changed, but your relentless pursuit of better life and rule remains even after all these years. You must hunt for blood to regain your strength after sleeping for so long, and turn people into loyal vampire soldiers. As you slowly build an army of blood-sucking, mindless servants, you’ll encounter various conflicts such as other players, supernatural beasts, and daylight itself – all of which are considerably dangerous.

Your goal depends on your desire. Do you want to live peacefully and build an impenetrable castle full of minions, or do you crave bloodlust and prefer war to diplomacy? You’re paving the way for yourself as a vampire overlord, but your actions have consequences. In a nearly limitless world, you can explore dense forests teeming with wildlife, plunder other players’ castles, or form allied pacts with friends to conquer Valdoran’s greatest threats. Nothing is out of reach in V Rising and you can customize your experience in this open world survival game as much as you want.

And that pretty much wraps it up for V Rising and everything you need to know about what to expect from the game when it launches this month. We’ll try to cover the upcoming title in news articles, guides and lists, so keep an eye out for more V Rising content on Prima Games.

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