Real Madrid accelerates through Mastantuono and goes to Barcelona

In Europe, the young river is Franco Mastantuono and the river is young If the alarm is turned off by the interested party Real Madridif you do not realize that concrete recommendations are a reality with the presentation of your case scouting del equipo español in Buenos Aires.

The volante at the age of 16 made his debut with Martín Demichelis as entrepreneur of the millennium and started living his life in the Libertad in Paraguay during the Copa Libertadores.

Information about the español diary Sportin the Casa Blanca that came to the region before the existence of other European clubs in the youth, como Barcelona, ​​Manchester City j Chelsea.

“I had a reunion between the Millonario and the Blanco conjunto, which in the first years of scouting, Juni Calafat, as interlocutor of the Merengue, interested you in the ’10’ and in the second half, ya cogió las riendas José Ángel Sánchez, director general of the club and brazoejecutor of Florentino Pérez”informa el mencionado medio español.

Por ahora, no hubo offers a formal river, “pero podría ocurrir in las próximas fechas”revelation Sport.

Mastantuon’s break clause is €45 million euros, but you can raise an amount of €50 if the transfer reaches the last day of the purchase price. Real Madrid is waiting for its highest level through the Brazilian Endrick for the current pace.

Most of the Champions League equipment has a great history in the country’s history. In 2017 against Vinicius de Flamengo, in 2018 a Rodrygo desde el Santos, in 2020 full Flamengo by Reinier and in 2022 fichó a Endrick, quien la rompe in Palmeiras.

“Mientras, the plan of the Barça time is a fact that it is possible to get into practice while the club blaugrana does not have ten financial muscles for this type of operation”agrega el sitio.

In River, because at the moment there are no ten intentions to sell a Mastantuiono, and this is reflected in the statements of its president Jorge Brito before the renovation of the countertographer: There are no formalities, but it is important that the main clubs do so. There are no hay intentions on the part of the transfer club. Ten years ago much more time was wasted. The fact is that you can engage with your compañeros. I’m not a solo professional, I’m a person as a person. It is a thing that has to do with certain conditions and you know that it is the sea that is indisputable.

Lo c ompran and esperan

This intention to control the river is not an obstacle for Real Madrid, but you have an antecedent with the youth of Brazil Endrik del Palmeiras, last year in 2022, an operation that cost €72 million.

It is precisely that the last time Madrid uses the parameter with Mastantuono. In the case of “the prodigy” of Verdao, the blank club moves quickly to achieve the best performances of PSG and the director of Chelsea.

Unfortunately, you can no longer restore your foundation and this is before you even got out at the Bernabéu, that you probably became the mayor of Edad in July.

In the case of Mastantuono, as an Italian pasaport, you can use the somersault in Spain. Since the embargo is a scenario that is more plausible, it is permanent in Argentine football to creciendo, as small as a year and on average more.

If you repeat a formula for the application in Madrid Endrik while Palmeira receives a bonus of €2.5 million for approximately 5 years, this is a form of incentive that your presentation on the campsite gives. In the case of an Argentinian case, much more logic becomes basarse, because there are criteria as the most diverse criteria.