Confession: I love the NTTA radio commercials

This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I think the North Texas Tollway Authority radio commercials are total bangers. One of them makes me turn up the volume every time I hear it. Are you ready? Turn on your work computer to “Save Like That,” a jingle that will have you running through a wall to get a toll ticket and save some money:

Each of the three current NTTA radio ads comes with ‘album covers’ featuring Muppet-like characters that totally save money by using toll tags. “Save Like That” is a pop song. Is R&B more your speed? Then take a look at “Savings don’t stop”:

Or how about the hip hop-tinged “Double the Thrill”? Let’s go:

I sent a note to NTTA media relations manager Michael Rey telling him how much I appreciate “Save Like That” and asking him who is responsible for these songs. He started his answer with, “Assuming you mean it, but with a Tim Rogers production you never know. …” I assured him I meant it. Again, not really proud of it. But that’s where I am.

Rey tells me that the NTTA’s record agency, TPN, created the ads with help from local music production company Fresh Squeezed. I greet them both. Let me know when these artists play the Kessler.


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