Guerra Rusia – Ucrania e Israel – Palestine, en directo: ultima hora de las protestas en Estados Unidos por la guerra en Gaza

El Parlamento de Navarra insta a la exclusion de Israel de los Juegos Olímpicos de Paris

The Navarra Parliament has probably become a movement by the installed Comité Internacional de la Olímpico de Israel in the Juegos Olympics de 2024, which tends to go to Paris. The propuesta of Contigo-Zurekin is in contact with the apoyo of EH Bildu and Geroa Bai, while UPN and PSN abstain and PP and Vox are votado and contra.

The parliament of Contigo-Zurekin, Daniel López, defender of the movement, has had to deal with us “In the ancient Olympic Games, the conflicts between the city participants can accelerate the finalization of the sports competitions, so that they can consociate with the Olympic Games.”In the modern era, in the context of the guerras in antigua Yugoslavia, the International Olympic Committee made the decision to revive the tradition of the Olympic Games in order to preserve the interests of athletics and the general deportation”, continues.

“Rusia and Bielorrusia do not invite to the juegos of Paris”, “Perhaps it has been five years since Israeli military actions in Gaza have intensified as the massive ongoing transformation of international politics continues to include genocide and humanitarian crimes.

Mikel Zabaleta, the EH Bildu, has turned his time for projecting a video of the organization of Yala Nafarro in the various deportistas and ex-deportistas who need professional navarros “Alto al Fuego in Gaza and the end of the genocide in Palestine”.

Among the other intervieens Mai Garde (football), Oier Sanjurjo (football), Iñaki Perurena (harrijasotzaile), Unai Laso (pelota), Nerea Pena (balonmano), Anne Senosiáin (baloncesto), Dani Saldise (football salad), Nerea Bermejo and Maitane Melero (athleteism) or the balloon moons of Beti Onak.

For his part, Itxaso Soto (Geroa Bai) re-established that “eI deport as a valores, an entorno de paz“There is a record that “the COI did not authorize the participation of Russian athletes and a representation of their country,” to show “that they would sign up for Israel during the Middle Ages.”

Javier Esparza (UPN) made sure to compartmentalize “the analysis is that it is so”, pero “estar por la paz in Palestine no es estar a favor o en contra de esta moción”. “The Comité Olímpico Español is a whole privada, and por lo tanto, ni esta Cámara ni ningún gobierno tene ninguna competente. No corresponding entrometernos “, ha añadido.

By PSN, Ibai Crespo has confirmed that it is “and against the human beings found in Palestine”, but it is not considered “confirmed“The propuesta to exclude Israel” may be the topic. “Con esta iniciativa se pierde lo importante en esta cuestión. President Sánchez has made an international compromise to explore the Palestinian state,” has been proven again.

Irene Royo, from the PP, has wondered that “in this movement the debate on Palestine is not undermined, the youth Olympic Games are not an instrument of political power”. Asimismo, “Use de olympiques rara, cuz está pretense que la converse, sue la deportistas des países”.

Y Emilio Jiménez (Vox) has protested as one “Canto a la injusticia, la insolidaridad ya la falta de humanidad”Contigo-Zurekin parliamentarians are often thought of as “condemning Israel’s asedio, but not condemning Hamas.”