Understanding, fierté ou joie…: the contrasting reactions after the announcement of Julien Sanchez’s departure

The Beaucairois acquis is the cause of the matter not being fully understood so that you can make a decision. The opponents are happy, their pleasure is theirs.

On the Facebook page, Laure Cordelet, president of the action-citoyenne anti-racism anti-fascist Beaucaire, his opponent has posted a photo of a distant limoncello after the letter of Julien Sanchez, announced as 1uh mai aux Beaucairois is a decision of its presenter and position eligible on the list of RN aux Europeennes. Another festival range with comments without a doubt: “Ciao, good guy, goodbye Julien Sanchez”.

“A maire who takes part in all the events of the city!”

In the rue de Beaucaire, animations in a pluvieux can display the reactions with more nuances. Yvette, a retreatee aware of the new situation: “JIf you have no special opinion about political opinions, your exploration is a fact of your good work. If a woman likes the chemise, participate in all the events in the city: the stories, the summaries, the Saint-Roman course… You have many associations and a vient on the invitation, même le weekend. But you understand that you are on a different level.”

At a bar, Alfredo wonders about asking the question and it is rejected. “You are jealous of the terrible things, but it is true that you have a small ensuite appearance? It is a success and no impression that we opt for a change.”

“C’est un maire très proche des gens”

Grande fan du maire, Hélène, elle, est partagee entre proud et tristesse. Motherwise you are content and happy with the parole of Beaucairois at European level; if we do not contradict continuing to defend traditions in the garden, talking about the problems of farmers… But you are one of the three most experienced people in the Beaucaire region: it is a maire très proche des gens , on lazy souhaite son anniversaire, il nous reconnaît… Je ne connais pas trop le nouveau (Nelson Chaudon, NDLR) more why not ? In fact, Julien restores this as his municipal counselor. Il ne nous lâche pas”.

“I’ll be happy in 2020”

Hervé, another retreatee estimates that this is not the right thing: “JThe fact is that the announcement of this decision was announced in 2020. The rest of the second encore is fair, it’s entirely possible. If the voters make their choice, they can certainly make their voices heard.”

The retreats are familiar with the family of Nelson Chaudon, who has been given a long date in Beaucaire, while being a bit discreet.
It has become a revenge for a well-known celebrity about the youth, which you can learn to make the old years a délégué of sports clubs.