The Ministry of Defense has issued a statement on the use of “responsible dopas” in deportistas, promotion of social reason

The country that leaves the world and the car has a lamado to save its livelihood, on the entire Costa – credit card Christian Brun/EFE

La Organización Nacional Antidopaje (Onad) del Ministerio del Deporte An immediate communication has been issued on the deportation community examining its practical practices and adhering to the principles of smooth deportation.

These lamas produce the concern before the promotion of livelihood and methods that endanger the integration of deportation and the salud of deportistas.

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Currently, a series of promotions on digital channels are promoted by those responsible for the use of prohibited substances, such as anabolic steroids or modulating metabolites of Sarms. The consumer responsible for this livelihood is generally a problem.

These products, several banned by the sport, can have secondary effects on the athletes’ salud. The organization considers that these practical practices cannot be applied alone, but that can encourage a competency to make relations unjust, which occurs again and again.

“The use of livelihood and methods prohibit the integration of deportation and the salud of the athletes, because it is crucial to help companies fight. By the National Antidopaje Organization (ONAD), the Ministerio del Deporte, a lama vehement in the entire deportative community: athletes, entrepreneurs, personal apoyo, deportiva and the public in general is a unirnos in the defense of deporte limpio and the protection of la salud de nuestros atletas.

It is a pity that on digital channels permanent staff and professional promotions are published, which ensure that courses and conferences are offered, because the use of subsistence and dopant methods is possible, which can make your administration responsible.

In the marco-deporte stage are the fundamental conditions in life and dedication, because the ONAD recognizes the importance of the struggle against the right form of dopaje. The entire advisory report on the sanctions that this means in practice may result in the suspension of deportation for longer periods of the year.

This is NO. The use of subsistence is contrary to the transport sector and contrary to the wealth of the various secondary effects of subsistence in the organism. A clear example of the use of anabolic steroids or modulating metabolites of SARMs, which prohibit breathing and promote deportiva of more than a year, have ten side effects that affect multiple organs and systems.”

Therefore, there is a lama of entrepreneurs, athletes, personal players and deportivo, as a general public, to protect the protection of the integrity and promote the health of the deportivo.

The promotion of a just deportation and this is a responsible compartida, and the ONAD ensures that the journey is carried out together with the camino by this new practical practice.

The warning comes from the aim that the main concienciar is about collaborating with the sports associations and motivating the deportation community to take a firm stance against the mismas, making a competitive environment valuable and equal.