3.6 tons of cocaine sailies and cinq jours dans l’arc Antilles-Guyane

The Martinique public prosecutor’s office announces a new cocaine attack in the Arc Antilles-Guyane.
After 1.8 tons of trade revolution carried out on Saint-Martin, the autorités will have another découverte in the world ranking of Guyana.

Transporting the boat to the destination is no longer possible. At the time of the announcement of a 1.8 tons of cocaine from Saint-Martin and Martinique on the market, Clarisse Taron reported that a large quantity of cocaine had been placed on the market for a real reality autorités cinq jours plus tôt in Guyane.

“And in that time, two new things happened with 1.8 tons of cocaine at a price that has a real value within the jurisdiction of the inter-regional specialist jurisdiction (JIRS) of Fort-de-France,” inform the magistrate.

A bateaux participation in Le Havre

On April 25, 2024, Guyanese customs authorities discovered the commercial port of Cannes in a container containing 1,500 cocaine correspondents for 1.82 T of product in an area of ​​Le Havre.

On April 30, 2024, during the customs of Saint-Martin, plus in the north, a discharge of a cargo was carried out conditionally in the bags for an opéré of 1,802 tons of part of a bateau de type cigarette muni de puissants- motorists.

Aucune interpellation for l’heure

Applications, the gendarmes intervene and intercept the product. Positives from the staff should be given the opportunity to make the mistake before arriving. Once the investigation has begun, no further interpellation is possible.

Two people say they have accepted the overture of legal proceedings against l’OFAST (office anti-stupéfiants).

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After the 8.3 tons of sailings in February 2024 during a period of a daytime drama, two new prizes are illustrative of the reality of traffic in the Arc Antilles-Guyane, the traffickers who use as many vectors as possible to make large numbers of the plus and plus important of the Amérique du Sud versus l’Europe of les Etats-Unis”soul the purchase