Why did Liz throw a tantrum?

You might be wondering why everyone on social media was gossiping about Applebee’s on Wednesday night. No, it’s not because there are two characters in it Challengers go out to a dinner party to grab Dollaritas. It is much more poignant than that: attacking a player Survivor threw a tantrum because he wasn’t allowed to eat one of Applebee’s (in)famous burgers as part of a reward challenge. Shame.

Throughout Season 46, marketing strategist Liz Wilcox has become a contestant known for two things, and two things only: she’s a millionaire (billionaire? No one really knows) and she has so many allergies that she hasn’t been able to eat anything since. the fusion. Following the most recent episode of SurvivorHowever, Liz will now be known for a third thing: Applebee’s.

Jeff Probst starts off this week’s reward challenge with a little insult: “You all look noticeably smaller,” says Probst. “Your bodies are shrinking.” Yeah, no duh, Jeff. A few weeks into the season without solid food; they are hungry! Luckily, Probst is offering the winner of the challenge the biggest reward of the season. The reward is a feast from a certain restaurant; you can probably guess which restaurant I’m talking about.

Burgers, wings, fries, everything. Liz is very happy. “My Wednesday evening ritual!” she screamed. Liz then explains that every Wednesday she and her daughter have a Survivor sleepover where they get Applebee’s and watch the new episode. And since she’s one of the few participants who hasn’t eaten… this reward means: a lot.

Survivor fans quickly asked questions: How come Liz can’t eat anything on the island, but she can eat the grease-fried monstrosities at Applebee’s? I leave that to science.

Unfortunately, Liz loses the challenge. Q, who is reviled by most of the tribe, wins instead, choosing to bring along former Yanu teammates Tiff (whom Q hates) and Kenzie for the reward, as well as ally Maria.

Liz. Is. Smoking.

She might be the most pissed off anyone has ever been. With her back to the camera, Liz begins to sob. Then she is silent for a minute. Maybe she’ll just shrug, right? Jeff asks how she’s feeling, and as if she’s on the most dramatic HBO show of all time, Liz slowly turns around and looks at the camera.

No, she’s not going to let this one go. Liz starts shout. “I’M ANGRY!” she screams. ‘I see you eating every day. Q, you almost messed up my entire game. You overshadowed everything I strived for, and I said, ‘It’s cool.’ I did not say that Nothing!

Kenzie and Maria drink Applebee's margaritas.

Kenzie and Maria drink Applebee’s margaritas.


Liz continues to blubber and shake her fists in the air. “I don’t even want to be with you,” she screams.

“Well, Liz,” Q interjects. “You voted for me last night.”

Note: the wrong move Survivor will cost you that Applebee’s feast you’ve been craving.

After all is said and done, Liz thanks everyone for “letting me go like that” and apologizes. Apparently she just needed to vent. The allure of Applebee’s will do that for the best of us. Q, Tiff, Kenzie and Maria enjoy Applebee’s while Liz goes another day without food.

And the ad CBS went to after the chaos? It was, of course, a commercial for Applebee’s.