Tamaria J Williams – Scoop: Nashville

19-year-old Tamaria Williams had a domestic incident with her sister, Kayla Gains, on April 19 at her residence on Charles E Davis Boulevard. When officers arrived, they spoke with Gains, who stated that she and Williams had been having ongoing problems and that she had been away from home for a few nights. Gains added that her brother, Joshua Avery, and grandmother, Karen Avery, watched her child while she was away. Gains said when she got home, they told her that Williams had come by the day before around 6 p.m. and had taken a few items. Officers spoke with Joshua, who told them he saw Williams take Gains’ belongings. Joshua stated that he confronted Williams about taking his sister’s things, to which she responded, “Well, she took some of my things from me.” Williams then left the home with a white bag containing the stolen items. Officers spoke to Karen over the phone and she told them she saw Williams taking items from the living room as she said, “This is mine” and “She stole this.” Karen said Williams left with a large plastic bag full of hair products and Bath and Body Works items. A warrant was subsequently issued for Williams’ arrest. Williams was taken into custody on May 1 for aggravated burglary.