The game shadows J. Cole with Kendrick Lamar apology

The Game criticizes J. Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar.

The Game weighs in on the ongoing issues in the rap game, including Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J. Cole.

Following the release of Kendrick’s Drake diss track “Euphoria“, Joe Budden Podcast co-host Lamar “Ice” Burney gave props to Game. “I want one of these rap ni-as Game diss. So you can see what a real diss record looks like,” he wrote.

The Game shared the post on his Instagram and wrote: “Because my disrespect knows no bounds and I can even rap. Fans choose which artist is currently safe for the culture to love as a whole, but every real rap ni-a in this sh-t KNOWS who to play with and who not to.

“Hip-hop/Rap, or whatever y’all call it these days, was already watered down, but Cole apologized and turned this shit into Kool-Aid without the sugar,” he added. He also took to his IG stories, writing, “I don’t know who’s softening up these rap ni-as or the rap fans these days.”

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