AFIP: Due to the problems on the web page of the organism, the numbers of contadores and contributions are multiplied

AFIP: Due to the problems on the web page of the organism, the numbers of contadores and contributions are multiplied

The web page of the Federal Public Administration (AFIP) does not function properly during business life and this situation is usually important for men between their usual use, as the expresaron on the social ores.

Contador’s Blog said: “Much attention has been paid to the fact that its poor functioning in the AFIP is far too great for the management that the systems have in its bow”. It seems that it is a trend in X in la Argentina.

“Do you feel that this may not be the case that a good idea is to expose this public situation and communicate with what is happening in the organism? Stopping the disappearance of the parados leads to an inefficiency of the car journey. These systems function normally because they are safe and have no view of the view.”

“The contribution you make is in niveles escandalosos (consumarios e intimaciones por monedas) en nadie ni dice nada. If you make people’s way of life easier in a simple way, you can see a buena vez” indicated on the red X.

“There is a malfunction”, provide an explanation before the advice Infobae.

Other users of X, Jorge de Systems, usual comments on the imposing themes, say:The Afip page is currently in red almost once.

In a message that Ana María Kaiser expressed: “Hola CM from @JMilei indicates that a large part of the country’s economic activity will appear on the AFIP page that does not function and is not very good”.

“What happened in AFIP: is it more possible to increase the functioning of the organism from 20 years?”, comments from other users.

“No page of Afip works. No podemos trabajar así @AFIPcomunica . #afip #nofuncionalapaginadeAfip,” added one of our partners.

“Que desastre AFIP Sigue cayéndose No puede hacerse nada Pero su responsibly nos cobra a todos los Argentinos unos 22 palos sueldo menstruation”, mentioned María Cecilia Frías, contadora.

The organism publishes a post indicating: “Vencimientos de mayo: Fechas en medios de pago para cumplir con tus obligaciones”.

“The cumulative voluntary contribution to the reduction of costs makes the interest and the many interests visible. With the end of facility services, the most important partners of these countries for car companies, monotributists, private houses, employers, IVA, libro de IVA digital and SiRADIG are resumed.

“Formas of the pago. In the section “¿Cómo puedo pagar?” the microsite forms are detailed in the electronic payment modalities for your obligation. In addition to the electronic bill, you can also find the way to spend money for home banking, whether this is another internet banker or an international banking transaction, an indication of a CUIT and the month of the transfer, more information.

Last May, the AFIP poster included the square where relationships with dependency are informed and our employers receive the annual closing information on the annual figures for the year 2023, according to the definition of alguna in the debate on Ganancia Congreso.

While the project takes place in the Chamber of the Diputados, the employees are working with a gross proceeds of $1,800,000, which represents a net reward of $1,494,000, which means a reward for the award. There is another resta that is the project of Gobierno pase por el Senado.

“Including all the changes in the project of the impuesto: the updating of the personal deductions (Mínimo No Imponible, Cargas de Familia and Deducción Especial), as the escalation of alícuotas, this is a forma semester. In 2024 for an exception, in September,” the tributary explains Cesar Litvin a través de su cuenta de X (la ex Twitter).