Super Nintendo World in Orlando opens next year – Get a first look

Are you ready to go to Super Nintendo World at Universal Orlando? Well, the wait won’t be long now that the park addition has been confirmed for a 2025 opening. Additionally, Universal has detailed in a first-look video exactly what you’ll experience after walking through a green warp pipe to the universes of Mario and Donkey Kong to transport.

Super Mario Land is the first location that park visitors will experience when entering Super Nintendo World. This area is home to both Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s, where you can take a Mario Kart ride. There’s also Mount Beanpole and playable games everywhere with a Power-Up Band. For example, you can “collect coins by hitting blocks,” according to Chris Bromby, director of Universal Immersive Experiences.

Yoshi’s Adventure is also part of Super Mario Land and serves as a family-friendly golden egg hunt ride. The attraction also offers views of the park that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Meanwhile, Mine-Cart Madness is one of the main focuses of Donkey Kong Country. The roller coaster features technology that gives ride goers the feeling that they are jumping around the track at certain points. This location also has a jungle theme and drums to presumably blast.

Super Nintendo World for Orlando was originally announced in February 2023 after it was possibly the “worst kept secret in history,” according to Universal Destinations CEO Mark Woodbury. Earlier this year, Donkey Kong Country was also unveiled for the Orlando theme park. Eiji Aonuma was spotted at Universal Studios Orlando in January, leading to speculation that a Legend of Zelda attraction could be included in the park. However, there is no mention of Link, the Princess, or Ganon in this video.