Deux fois plus de frauds à la sec détectées dans l’Hérault

The detection of fraud at the Assurance Maladie an asset that is double the hernier in the Hérault. 9.1 million euros against 4 million in 2022. Fraud is taking place due to poor regulations in the circulation of medicines and during false professional practices, salary bulletins for more journalistic compensation. Certain doctors have to deal with inconsistent prescriptions, fictitious actions or incorrect codes.

The majority of fraudsters are insured, but the most important fraud cases concern the santé professions. To ensure that the controls are more intensive, 19 agents dédiés uniqueness à la traque of fraud in the department of the Hérault, it is an aura of 5 plus the end of the month.

In 2023, the centers for audio prostheses connected to the CPAM car will be 100% sure of the prostheses and there will be many cases of fraud. A citing strategy that focuses on your activities. “No effectiveness in combating fraud, on the work of plus and plus on the ciblages that can provide statistical data for verifying inconsistencies, of the evolutions of business relationships. And of new newcomers. On a nice control The prosthetic centers that have a using new product, can use dental center or ophthalmology program. It is a legitimate verification that the performance is not good, and non-fiction, and more than that you have a good addition to the recipe and realization. If there is fraud, if you have been at it for a while, the quality of your life is better.’ explanation Philippe Trotabas, director of the Assurance Maladie de l’Hérault.


Agents can misbehave in the movement of a large number of social security proceeds to social security to create false insurance profiles and obtain compensation. For the year 2024, the new story in combating fraud is social security. The agents have special shapes. “It is a completely new profession, an addition to the professions used by us (pollsters, lawyers, statisticians). It is a profession that is fair to the potential for fraud on social results. I am a researcher on the dark web for dismantling organized ties. If we can deceive the fraudsters who benefit their performance, the commanders can do more, which means they are not enough.” ajoute t-il.


The fraudsters by the CPAM of the Hérault have had a denouement of 64 criminal proceedings, 83 financial proceedings. The fines can only lead to fraud.