Près de Falaise: L’AREMA is a fund for restaurant restoration

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Since 2002, the association has been for the restoration of government bonds Martigny-sur-l’Ante, press Falaise, work on the maintenance of the house and its interior. The tableaux des three retables de l’église are three portes, an estrade and six stalls on été refaits of the old precedents.

When the time comes, the design is a cost center. On the programme, the renovation of the large altarpiece on the ground of the église. It is clear that you are starting to experience the pain and the beginning of the signs of fatigue. If you look at the wall again, it is possible that the painter represents the angels that these are.

Plusieurs pièces à entretenir

It is an important song for a second piece of energy. Since it is not the case that the two small retables play a game and leave the house, they are ready for a coup. Finally, the banks use the new face for everything that is suitable for a déjà été refaits.

The cochon grille is not enough

As an année, for the outcome of the trip, the association organizes a cochon grill at the banquet hall of Martigny-sur-l’Ante. Chaque année, with a proceeds of 2000 euros. If you do your job, it is not enough.

«Il faudrait en faire 50, des cochons grillés, pour pouvoir financier», Serge Look, chairman of AREMA.

It is indeed the case that a twice as positive financier in 2023 with plus the 1000 euros the bénéfice, the association has a total capital of 13,000 euros. If the problem arises, it is that the ensemble of his work does not live in the environment 180,000 euros. If the association does not pay the total price, you may receive 40% of the total amount back, i.e. a higher price of 13,000 euros.

L’AREMA offers solutions for the return of funds and demands a lot from the good cause that causes the good cause, providing support to the association. The idea of ​​a cat is on par, but it is an encore in the city of reflection.

The reredos of the ground and the wall are starting the renovation works.
The reredos of the ground and the wall are starting the renovation works. ©Les Nouvelles de Falaise

A precious building and a history keeper

The head of the reredos can be a great source of loss, but it is a thing of the past. There is an installation in the church of Martigny-sur-l’Ante, which is already 100 years old.

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If you have the origin, install the hotel in Falaise. The piece maîtresse des trésors de l’église, it is the accompaniment of two small altarpieces that award many prizes for the association and the city.

It won’t be like that

Our tableaus are classroom as art and necessity and indicate a small amount. For maximum results, AREMA is a partner of the assistant of Mrs. Labatut, curator of the DRAC in Normandy, who is a major participant in entrepreneurial activities.

However, the bad financier and the assistants, the members of the association get an encore so that they can recapture the government and appeal to a bienveillante for the help.

Le cochon grillé, on October 5, 2024, at the banquet hall of Martigny-sur-l’Ante.

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