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Coi Leray is on high-alert after her father Benzino made some controversial claims involving disgraced singer R. Kelly.

Rapper Benzino recently appeared on ‘We In Miami’ podcast, where he stood on the premise that the Chicago native “Shouldn’t rot in jail for 30 years” and claims he deserves a second chance. “But it’s legal in America,” Benzino, 58, said regarding Kelly’s reported relationships with underage girls.

“So why the f**k is R. Kelly doing all this time because they’re 14, 13 — two years younger — you don’t think that the people who cleared it for 16 years old, didn’t know, they ‘re f*****g with 13 and 14 (year olds) too?”

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“Even to make the age that young, to be the law — you already know they going under that,” the rapper stated.

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‘The Source’ co-owner’s daughter Coi Leray is now voicing her disapproval of his position online.

“I want everybody to know I want nothing to do with anything my father has going on,” the 26-year-old wrote via Twitternow known as him please don’t even think of me when you see him.”

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“I understand that for sure. Ain’t talk to my mom in over a year. You gotta protect your peace,” one X user responded. Despite a number of agreements, many voiced that the ‘TWINNEM’ rapstress may be handling the situation incorrectly.

“Who said anything about you??? Let’s normalize continuing on with your life when your dad starts to trend. You don’t have to address y’all relationship EVERYTIME he say something!” another user wrote.

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The disgraced ‘Ignition’ singer recently attempted to appeal his 20-year sentence on child pornography and enticement charges arguing that the charges fell outside the statute of limitations.

On Friday, a three-judge panel at a Chicago-based federal appeals court ruled that the “Statute says otherwise, so we confirm his conviction.”