Seeing sexy Magneto tied up is driving gay X-Men ’97’ fans wild

Marvel animation

Magneto was right – and he was hot as hell!!!

The latest episode of the popular Disney+ animated series X Men ’97 has the internet in a frenzy after treating us to another amazingly sexy image of Magneto.

In episode 8 of the series, “Tolerance Is Extinction” Pt. 1, the mutants finally broke after being pushed, spat on, and killed for too long. After destroying the mutant nation of Genosha in a 9/11-style attack, Bastion (a human-Sentinel hybrid) had captured the mutant leader Magneto and was holding him captive.

Eventually he was released and set off a global EMP that disabled all Sentinels and all other technology on the planet. But in those moments, the show reminded us that Magneto was ultimately right.

It was another excellent episode in one of the best shows on TV this year, but it’s the specific way Bastion kept Magneto locked up that has gay fans of the show buzzing.

Bastion kept Magneto tied to a St. Andrew’s Cross deep in his secret base, virtually naked except for a pair of black Calvin Klein underwear and a collar. Is it getting hot here? Or is Magneto manipulating Earth’s magnetic fields again?

This wasn’t the first time the internet went crazy for Magneto this season. In the early episodes, he wore a skin-tight bodysuit that hugged every muscle and could only be worn when he tucked in like a true body queen.

Fittingly, the entire internet goes into a frenzy seeing Magneto like this, and the show’s creator, Beau DeMayo, joins in on the fun.

Gay fans love DeMayo for his explicit advancement of the gay agenda with scenes like this.

Many others are celebrating the fact that this seems to be a regular occurrence on the show.

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