Raufoss Technology Canada announces an $18 million investment in Que.

Raufoss Technology Canada announces an $18 million investment in Que. (Montréal International)

Raufoss Technology Canada announces an $18 million investment in its Boisbriand facility to meet growing demand from North American electric vehicle manufacturers. The manufacturer of forged aluminum automotive suspension components is adding a new machining and assembly cell with a dozen robots. A series of optimizations are also planned for other production cells already in operation.

This latest investment also includes 35 new operator and electromechanical positions, allowing the company to accelerate its production process for the next generation of new electric vehicles.

“This investment marks Raufoss’ entry into the North American supply chain for electric vehicle manufacturing, a highly strategic move that will fuel Raufoss Canada’s growth in Boisbriand in the coming years,” said Jean Meredith, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Raufoss Canada. “As the past 22 years have shown, our team of skilled professionals is ready to take on this new chapter.”

“Québec and Greater Montréal are home to important assets that have contributed to Raufoss Canada’s success for more than 20 years. As we have seen in other projects, particularly in Norway and Germany, a pool of skilled talent and access to a global economy are essential. These assets are present in Boisbriand, which has contributed to our sustainable growth in Québec over the past twenty years,” said Alfred Hager, Chief Financial Officer of Raufoss Technology.

Aluminum wishbones are considerably lighter than steel parts. For that reason, they are sought after by electric vehicle manufacturers who want to reduce the weight of their cars to optimize battery capacity.

Founded in Boisbriand in 2002, Raufoss Canada works with Cégep Lionel-Groulx to develop talent skilled to meet the demands arising from automation. This is the Austrian company’s fifth expansion project at its Boisbriand plant, which supplies global automakers including GM, BMW, Stellantis, Mercedes and Ford.

“Raufoss Canada’s commitment to Greater Montréal demonstrates how our metropolitan region remains competitive for manufacturing companies on the global stage. Our expertise and expert talent pool enable investors to leverage innovation and optimize their operations. In addition, our Québec products travel abroad thanks to companies like Raufoss,” says Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO of Montréal International.

“We are proud to support Raufoss with its major investment in upgrading its factory in Boisbriand. This manufacturing subsidiary has built its success on Québec know-how, allowing it to reach customers worldwide in a highly competitive sector. Our Investissement Québec international team, supported by our innovation experts, will continue to assist global companies and their subsidiaries with their business activities and digital transformation, here in Québec,” said Hubert Bolduc, president of Investissement Québec International.

The Raufoss Technologies Group has five factories around the world, serving major automotive groups including North American manufacturers Ford and General Motors.