When will ‘U Made Me A St4r’ by 4Batz be on Spotify?

In recent months, music fans have been fascinated and baffled by the seemingly meteoric rise of mysterious newcomer 4Batz, whose breakout song “Act II: Date @ 8” was blessed with a Drake remix despite its relative obscurity thus far. But this New Music Friday May 3, fans get the chance to learn more about him through his music as he releases his debut mixtape, You made me a St4r. So…

When will Will 4Batz’s new mixtape come out? You made me a St4r Be on Spotify?

As always, it’s impossible to know for sure until the thing actually comes out, but in all likelihood it will be available to stream on DSPs like Apple and Spotify at midnight ET/9pm PT. While it’s always possible that last-minute changes could happen (just look at Bfb Da Packman’s anticipated collaboration with Drake or Kanye West’s reputation for missing long-promised release dates while making last-minute adjustments) but someone who can figure out how to go so far without anyone even knowing who he is is probably running a tighter ship.

Early this month he pushed the tape back and promised it was “the best shit of my life,” so he clearly cares about his presentation and wouldn’t risk proving he was unreliable, but we’ll have to voice his opinion word for word about the overall quality of his musical life. In any case, you can judge the quality of this tape at midnight on May 3.