Universal Music has access to the music catalog and its application — Rock&Pop

Después de there are no doubts Donde la music from old artists, including Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish and much more desapareció de TikTokthe application and Universal Music Group (UMG) register a battery.

The musical catalog of one of the many sales is the largest in the world full of popular applications, there is now a new promotion with the gigantic chinos of social reason.

You have now found Universal and TikTok

Universal music group y TikTok go to a new license purchase. If you have a universal communications broadcast, “a recreation” is given high compensation for UMG’s compositions and artistsThere are now new promotional opportunities and participation in our grabs and cancellations. There are protective measures in the industry with respect for generation IA“.

If you do this, it’s time to move fast TikTok transfers the artists’ music from Universal Music Group. There are compositions represented by Universal Music Publishing Group at your request”.

With respect to the specific IA, TikTok works with UMG for “elimination of the music platform without general consent by IA. And you can use “herramientas para mejorar la attribución de artistas y compositores”.

No hay details for now tasa de regalias negociada. If there is an embargo, an appeal is made to the juves employees, the president and the director director of UMG: “Según de nuevo acuerdo, the compensation for artists and composers can now start with TikTokand the total value that the artists and compositions have received from UMG is that this association is added more to other plata formats in the social music category”.

So, the rest of Universal Music Group’s artists are working on TikTok, after they appear Taylor Swift. You can create a separate separate notification before your album’s album The department of tortured poets.

If there is an embargo, TikTok could have an issue with Universal when it comes to legal issues. Yes what el Congreso de EE.UU. aprobó the ban on the app in all its país through my spying of the Gobierno chinos.