The South Carolina State P-EBT ends this month!

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The state of South Carolina has at least $8.1 million in unused pandemic food assistance that expires in less than 12 days. According to News19 in Columbia, more than 68,000 cards issued during the pandemic have not been activated. The P-EBT funds have been made available to families in several rounds over the past four years.

South Carolina’s P-EBT benefits automatically expire 274 days, or approximately nine months, after they were last used. This means that cards mailed on August 14, 2023 will have an expiration date of May 14. If families make a purchase of $1 or more, they get an additional 274 days from that point. DSS and the state Department of Education jointly administered the P-EBT program in South Carolina. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, more than 68,000 cards still need to be activated, potentially leaving $8.1 million unused.