Paramount+’s Frasier season 2: Which cast members are returning and who are the new actors?

The Frasier revival is officially returning for season 2, and those who haven’t watched the series with a Paramount+ subscription are missing out. The comedy thrived during its first season as one of the better television revivals in recent memory, and it looks like it will prove this again in season 2 with a returning cast and some fresh faces.

Does anyone else hear that? I think the blues are calling, and now I’m really craving some mixed salad and scrambled eggs. For those who are confused, I’ll stop trying to fit the rest of the outro song into the intro and talk about who we can all expect to return and debut. Fraiser Season 2.

Which stars are returning from previous seasons?

Kelsey Grammer in Paramount+'s Frasier

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Kelsey Grammer

It’s probably no surprise that Kelsey Grammer, after a successful return to television, will take on the role of Dr. Frasier Crane will continue to star in season 2 of the revival. A new season with him in Boston means more opportunities for the cheers cast to appear, although we haven’t received final word yet that this will happen.

Jack Cutmore-Scott on Frasier

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Jack Cutmore Scott

Jack Cutmore-Scott will continue his role as Freddy Crane Frasier and will probably still try to play the good son and friend between Frasier and Eve, which wasn’t so easy in the first season. Of course, crane operators rarely back down from a challenge, so I imagine he’ll try just as hard to appease both as we head into the new season.

Jess Salgueiro in Frasier

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Jess Salgueiro

Jess Salgueiro’s Eve is back for Frasier, and I’d love to see her continue to play matchmaker for Frasier and Freddy in future episodes. I believe the original series was at its best when Frasier was involved in some romantic drama, and even more so when it didn’t work out. Of course, there are other things that Eve brings to the table, and it would be great to see her continue to grow as a character alongside John.

Anders Keith in Frasier

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Anders Keith

Now that Niles and Daphne are out Frasier In a revival, the responsibility for continuing the characters’ legacy rests squarely on the shoulders of actor Anders Keith. Fortunately, playing their son David Crane seemed simple enough for the actor, who will return in the new season to showcase his mother and father’s best qualities in Season 2.

Nicholas Lyndhurst in Frasier

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Nicholas Lyndhurst

Frasier’s old classmate returns in season 2 of the Paramount+ series, and I love it. From the moment I first heard about Alan Cornwall on the series, I thought he was a great sidekick for the character, especially in a world where David Hyde Pierce will never return to play Niles. He killed it in the role, and I definitely think there’s a reason the show will use him more in the coming season.

Toks Olagundoye in Frasier

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Toks Olagundoye

Toks Olagundoye returns in season 2, of course in the role of Olivia, the head of Harvard’s psychology department. In season 2, Olivia’s sister Monica finally appears, after hearing so much about her. I would expect that storyline to play out and her to maybe even have more fun at trivia nights.

Roz on Frasier

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Peri Gilpin

Classic Frasier star Peri Gilpin starred as Roz in the original series, so it was great to see her performance in the season 1 finale of the revival. It has been announced that she will be back in a larger capacity for season 2, although we’re not sure how many episodes that means. However, we do know that her daughter will be appearing this season, so I expect to see her in at least a few episodes.

Moose shows Frasier something on his phone

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Jimmy Dunn

Jimmy Dunn, who played Moose in season 1 of the series Frasier revival, will return as one of Freddy’s firefighter buddies in season 2. What’s interesting about his return is that there seemed to be a budding romance between him and Olivia at the end of season 1, so I’m curious to see if that develops further in the upcoming episodes.

Smokey looks worriedly at the bowling alley in Frasier

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Renee Pezzotta

RenĂ©e Pezzotta is back Frasier, and while she didn’t have a major role in Season 1, she was always able to get a laugh during the Freddy’s firehouse scenes. Her working-class charm and jokes will liven up the new season and get a few chuckles from the audience, too.

Kevin Daniels on Frasier

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Kevin Daniels