Impact of Scholarship: Taylor Hensh

Six years after Taylor completed her collegiate career, her sister Victoria is wrapping up her career as a current senior for lacrosse at Maryland. The two sisters have played against each other in alumni games, but never overlapped at the same time in college.

“It’s so fun to see her play there,” Taylor said. “I love going back for the alumni games because I can really play with her and compete against her because we always missed each other for a year or two.”

Victoria felt her older sister’s love and support all her life. She says she especially feels her impact on the field.

“My sister influenced my career by pushing me to always strive for greatness,Victoria said. “Seeing all her achievements and accolades as Terp has always motivated me to work hard and want the same things. She has always led the way and set a great example for me to follow.”

While her impact on the court is enormous, Taylor and Victoria’s bond off the court is what is most remarkable.

“My sister is a tough guy on and off the field,” Victoria continued. “She has won every level of championship lacrosse. She won state championships in high school, national championships in college and a professional title. Then she conquered graduate school for physical therapy. She succeeds in everything she does and she always works for the things she wants. She has been a great role model and always keeps me chasing greatness.”

Taylor holds her family close to her heart, and Maryland Lacrosse will be forever grateful to the Hensh family. A scholarship allowed Taylor to pursue the career she dreamed of her entire life. For Taylor Hensh, it was always more than just a game.