Présidentielle au Mexique: «The continuation of the strong opportunities for the importer »

On June 2, 2024, there were ten major elections in the country’s history: the Mexicans elected their deputies, their senateurs, their governors, their maires and their president.

The three candidates who succeeded the chief executive of the state, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will see the match between two women. The premiere of Claudia Sheinbaum, the presidential candidate and the second opponent of the center right, Xótchil Galvez. During a conversation, the Journal d’Haïti en de Amériques received David Recondo, researcher at CERI à Sciences Po.

Pour l’instant, Claudia Sheinbaum dominates the course, and « There are great chances that the continuity of the company will be guaranteed », confirms David Recondo.

The campaign is a violent peculiarity: a center of Mexican reflection in a compté of 45 murders that can be chosen during the elections. « The generations provide opportunities for all voters, and if there are more voters, the candidates will be part of their advantage with their advantages », analyze le chercheur.

While the chief executive, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stood in the spot of the military that has led the country’s public security strategy, provoking human rights abuses, this was pushed aside.

« If you are still bothered by corruption scandals on lesquels pushing the opponent Xotchil Galvezrappelle David Recondo, with some nuance: The perception of wage insecurity is variable, the presence of the military can be a guarantee of the safety of our people, and a focus on the basis of freedom for parents. With the latest temporary workers, the perception is increasing, plus a favorite of the candidate Claudia Scheinbaum. »

Des ammunition volées in Colombia, arrived in Haiti?

The security crisis in Haiti threatens to trigger a new political crisis. The nominations for the president of the transition council and his prime minister are unanimous in the groups that make up the body, but the gangs continue to spread terror in the country, with the help of the weapons supplied by Colombia. In conversation with Frantz Duval, director and chef of the Nouvelliste, a magazine that existed 126 years ago.

Le president colombien, Gustavo Petro, a alerté (mercredi 1uh May 2024) about the difference in ammunition with the son’s army. Elles up « probably the end of the conflicts with the war, the plus of Haiti, until September and a battle with the engine of the base of La Guajira (au nord de la Colombie, ndlr) », at-il déclaré.

The implication of the Colombian situation is unfortunate in Haiti. Frantz Duval, editor and chef of the Nouvelliste, soon after his arrival in Colombia « would certainly participate in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse on July 7, 2021 ».

Access to the terminal of the Varreux petroleum terminal

The gangs, eux, continue to terrorize the population, « special features in the center of Port-au-Prince », soulful Frantz Duval. Here (1uh mai), it is an attack on the neighborhoods of Solino and Delmas 24. « The children, the women, the vieillards… The world is becoming increasingly aware of the fact that they have arrived with a new roundup and the national police of Haitian gangs ». The victory over the forces of order: the restoration of access to the Varreux petroleum terminal, south of the forces of two semaines.

Le Conseil presidentiel de transition en mauvaise attitude

By the time the political crisis looms, the transitional council is faced with the threat of a political crisis. Plus organizations responsible for the appointment of President Edgard Leblanc Fils and the son of Prime Minister Fritz Bélizaire. Pour le rédateur en chef du Nouvelliste, «cIt is a real coup that is the council’s best product. If there are more elections, it is a matter of quatre design, and on a council of seven members, it is the majority. »

La Colombie has diplomatic liens with Israel

During the first manifestations of his son, the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, announced the break in his relations that his son pays with Israel. La presse colombienne n’en a pasété surprize, en revenge, le journal El Espectador désapprouve la forme du discourse, pronounced in the place of Bogota.

«I commented on the diplomatic work, in a smart and discreet way, a replacement for provocateurs in the public space and on the social results», peut-on lire dans le quotidien. It is likely that the risk of a rupture in relations with ordinary Colombians is violated: Israel is one of the most important allies of the country’s security, and relations with the United States, traditions of the Hebrew state, risky if you read it again, redoubt the journal.

This is the most important question about the rest of the cell of the Colombian diaspora in the West Bank and Israel. A diplomatic mission will never again visit your day in Ramallah, in the West Bank. «In case the Colombians cannot leave without diplomatic rights, read the diary, When the attention of the Ramallah office shifts, relations with Israel progress.”

Dans le Journal de la 1honorary

The “Lesser Antilles” are retroventive and so is the movement of bewildered people in the Lake of the Caribbean.

Morceau musical : «Suite Norte, Sul, Leste, Oeste», the music of Hermeto Pascoal.