Mo’Nique calls Oprah and Tyler Perry “Coon Muthaf**kers” on Fiery Rant

Mo’Nique doesn’t give a fuck.

TMZ has reported that the comedian unleashed a fiery tirade on Oprah and Tyler Perry. During Katt Williams’ latest comedy tour stop Dark Matter, Mo verbally attacked the two moguls. She then got the crowd involved by calling Perry and Winfrey “coon mutha**kers.”

“F**k you, Oprah Winfrey! F**k you, Tyler Perry!” she started. “F**k those raccoon motherf**kers! I said it, ni**a, say it with me!

Mo then paused after seeing some people in the crowd refusing to participate. The Maryland actress began mocking them and their love for Oprah, but insisted her actions were all out of love. The comedian turned her attention to Oprah’s inner circle. She questioned her close relationship with Gayle King and even insinuated that they were romantically involved.

“I’m too damn old to be scared of this bitch. I’m too old to be intimidated by this idiot. I’m too old to hold the mother’s truth.”

“I love that black, raggedy bitch. I love that black, plain motherf**ker. I love Oprah Winfrey’s Black a**. And we just need to get her back to Black,” she added.

Mo’Nique then asked a man named Melvin in the audience if they liked Oprah. He confirmed that she was a fan, causing Mo to refuse to apologize for her comments. The Wonderful entertainer followed by redoubling her efforts to “bring her back to Black” by any means necessary.

“We need you to help us bring that idiot back to Black. I want you to fucking bend her over and fuck her like a Nashville ni**a would and take that bitch back to Black,” Mo’Nique Melvin ordered.

The drama started around 2010 after Mo won an Oscar for her supporting role in Lee Daniel’s Wonderful. Mo’Nique provides more information Club Shay Shay that her husband, Sidney Hicks, told her that night that Oprah, an executive producer of the film, seemed to have a problem with her win. Hicks stated that Winfrey seemed upset that Mo’Nique was being celebrated for the film instead of her.

She then noticed a shift in the legendary talk show host’s attitude towards her. The Parkers alum recalled an instance where a role in Daniels’ The butler that had initially gone to Oprah for her. After expressing her concerns about the move, Daniels insisted he didn’t have the power or money to tell Oprah no. She also claimed the same tactic was used to freeze her out of a role in an unnamed Richard Pryor biopic.

She also alleged her refusal to be promoted Wonderful abroad for free led to both Tyler Perry and Oprah effectively ‘blackballing’ her from Hollywood. The comedian also claimed that Perry later confirmed that he helped spread an industry rumor that she was difficult to work with.