“That damn remake is real, isn’t it…”: Ps Plus is ready to remove a first-party title, and it’s fueling yet another unnecessary remake

Sony and PlayStation Studios have made several remakes in recent years, including titles like The Last of Us Part 1. This is becoming a trend, and apparently another trend is on the way. Horizon Zero Dawn is leaving PS Plus extra this month.

The only reason Sony is taking this step is because they are preparing a new version of Horizon Zero Dawn, a remake. When this was revealed on social media, many fans quickly realized that this could be a possibility and were not very happy with this particular news. The Horizon Zero Dawn remake isn’t necessary; there are other titles that may require this.

The Horizon Zero Dawn remake is closer than ever, fans say the Horizon Zero Dawn remake could be real.

Many PlayStation fans always agree with the latest remakes that Sony makes as an excuse to watch the same game again with…