Nike and the French foot: an exception

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The American equipment is not worth more than 100 million euros to the rest of the official partner of the Bleus. Another turnaround for Adidas.

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– Kylian Mbappé lors du match de l’Équipe de France face in Chile on March 26, 2024.

It’s a novelty include globally for selection. Select the information from L’Equipe The first years of the trade, Nike has entered into a partnership with the French football club and signatory is a tights for the old prochaines. While the opposite happened in 2026, the American equipment passed to the bleaching right for the country period from 2027 to 2034, more than the import price. Selon L’EquipeNike has been busy a lot of the time 100 million eurosThere is a record for a selection that provides more than one advantage, which varies between 40 and 50 million euros.

«The renewal of our partnership and alignment with our position la FFF parmi les toutes premières organizations sportives au monde»a statement from the president of the French Football Federation, Philippe Diallo, made a choice for an extraordinary committee of the body. “As a partner of Nike, with our partners in a vision and community objectives, we can make our most active contribution, in addition to the prochain of the decade!” you can have a conversation about your engagement to ensure continuity of the FFF.

La suite sous cette publicity

La suite sous cette publicity

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Pendant pres the quarantine, Adidas has become a privilege of the blue partner, ahead of Nike ne lottery la mise in 2011. “And we’re a partner with Nike and la FFFnous sommes proud de ce que nous avons accompli ensemble», a commentary on American equipment. If the 100 million euros goes beyond the norm, it is more a dream of a celuis, déjà par Nike, for subtilizing the contract that Adidas has on the Mannschaft (allemande selection), as a historical and national partner. A choice you can make if you want to explore a large part of the Rhine.

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More Nike has not brought any problems. The results of the blue results are comfortable for the brand in its choice, appreciating the presence of the great star in Paris (and without future Madrid) Kylian Mbappé. An average sale of e-mail lot «Mbappé»car in Real Madrid, in a dress… Adidas, rappelle Le Parisien. Adidas has made a big offer to give Bleus’ tights an unsatisfactory young fate. Nike has fueled the selection of men and women (and includes the jeunes).