Boebert complains about “very disrespectful” protesters who chanted “Beetlejuice” at her

When Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) visited George Washington University along with Reps. James Comer (R-KY), Byron Donalds (R-FL), and Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), protesters at the campus a unique experience. sing especially to her.

The Daily Beast recently reported that Boebert’s visit to campus — where students had set up an encampment to demand that their school divest its donations from companies with business ties to Israel — prompted protesters to chant “Beetlejuice” at her.

The chant is a reference to a 2023 incident in which the Colorado congresswoman was kicked out of a Denver theater for vaping and openly groping her date during a performance of Beetlejuice: The Musical.

“It’s time for Mayor (Muriel) Bowser to be aggressive in enforcing safety here on this campus and the surrounding perimeter,” Boebert said, adding that the protesters were “very disrespectful.”

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At one point, Boebert tried unsuccessfully to remove a Palestinian flag draped over a statue of George Washington, saying, “This is America, and it needs to come down.”

In response to a photo of Boebert trying and failing to remove the flag, a social media user said noticed that she “has no right to touch that person’s flag,” and that her campus visit would be “the closest (Boebert) would ever get to a university.” Boebert dropped out of high school but completed her GED in 2020, just before she ran for Congress.

Seemingly in response to the protesters who heckled her, Boebert — who brought a bullhorn — shouted at the crowd of students, who held signs with messages such as “gays for Gaza” and “queer and transgender people for a liberated Palestine.”

“Not only is this disgusting, but let me be clear: Nearly every person in this so-called ‘liberated zone’ would be eviscerated by the terrorists you stand here supporting,” Boebert said.

Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, announced during the visit that his committee would hold hearings on the pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses, specifically mentioning the George Washington University protest camp as a major focus for his committee.

Boebert piled on, notably making a veiled threat to dismantle the campus over the demonstrations.

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“If the faculty here, many of whom are involved here right now — I had people who proudly said they are faculty — and would not remove a Palestinian sign from the statue of George Washington,” Boebert said.

‘What if they don’t want to do anything about this? Well, say goodbye to your federal funding.”

By Al Jazeera’s count, George Washington University’s Palestinian solidarity protest camp is one of nearly 100 in the United States and around the world. About 1,300 students, teachers and others have been arrested in the nationwide crackdown on the largely nonviolent protest movement. In addition to demanding that their schools divest from pro-Israel businesses, students are also demanding that the United States stop funding the Israeli military.

Israel began its campaign in Gaza in response to the attack by the radical Islamist terror group Hamas on October 7, 2023, which killed around 1,200 Israelis, most of whom were civilians. Hamas also took hundreds of hostages. While some have been released after negotiations, at least 34 of the remaining 129 have been killed. Both US and Israeli authorities fear many of the remaining hostages have been killed as the war enters its seventh month.

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