CNN panel bursts into laughter as Tapper reads Cohen’s post calling Trump ‘V Sch-inpants’

A CNN panel of analysts and anchors burst into laughter Thursday when Jake Tapper read a social media post by former President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen who used vulgar language to criticize Trump.

“Okay… I apologize in advance for this update, but Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche specifically reads a message Michael Cohen posted to Twitter on April 22 in which he calls Donald Trump Von Schitzenpants,” Tapper said during CNN’s coverage of Trump’s hush money lawsuit.

“That is just a factual report that I am presenting to you. This is in the court transcript, Von Schitzenpants.

The panel gathered in the CNN studio started giggling as Tapper continued.

“Blanche also said there have been repeated attacks on Trump and his candidacy on Cohen’s podcast and TikTok account,” Tapper said. “Dana Bash, I know you want to involve Von Schitzenpants.”

“I think he did it on behalf of all of us,” Bash joked back.

“I’ve been calling it Von Poops in Pants for weeks, but now it’s part of the official transcript,” Tapper responded.

Trump is on trial in New York on charges that he falsified business records to conceal a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels just before the 2016 election.

Each of the major news networks has been reporting daily on the trial, which is expected to last weeks.

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