the African pájaro is cocodrilos and mata a sus hermanos

La cigueña picozapato, a special one with a prehistoric history, it is worth consulting the biologists of your true enthusiasts.

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Living in the African territories, this street is scientifically known as Balaeniceps rex, is distinguished not only by its unusual appearance by its brutal surveillance techniques.

Dotada del tercer pico más grande entre todas ave, the cigar pipe can go to another location 1.5 meters away. Our key diet issues include a studio published in the Journal of African Ornithology, no more intimidators, such as Angola, snakes and coconut crises.

Monógama and solitaria, this species produces hasta tres huevos por nidada.


The pichones of the picozapato are fiercely competitive from their very first day. General, The first competition with more young people through the comida and the extent to which you can be sure that the sea will receive a comida. This reports on an impactful video for a ‘BBC’ series.

Especially the fact that it is monogamy and the only time that plays in the cría, its production will be very high for nidada. Because there is an embargo, the battle between the pictures often rivals the result that only an adult has reached adulthood.

Además the formidable tamaño and peculiar físico, cigarette smoking can be a sign that an ametralladora is being taken care of, a rasgo that is valid is popular. With its large pico and large patas, life can last forever before a prisoner is captured and brought into his life.

The picozapato is a representative of the genus Balaeniceps and the family Balaenicipitidae. Some data from ‘LiveScience’, our life parents are more cercanos of the pelícanos, with what originally comes from the order of the pelecaniformes, which get data from Cretácico too late.

The cigarette butt ends up in a worrying situation. With an estimate of between 5,000 and 8,000 individuals, this category is vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s List.

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