Jeff Probst responds to ‘Survivor’ contestant Liz’s emotional outburst during Q | Jeff Probst, Liz Wilcox, Survivor | Just Jared: Celebrity News & Gossip

If you tuned in to last night’s Survivoror been on social media since the last episode aired, you may have noticed that one of the contestants – Liz Wilcox – had an emotionally charged moment when she wasn’t chosen for the reward party.

The winner of the reward challenge – Q – was allowed to choose three of his fellow castaways to join him for a day at Applebee’s. He chose Mary, TiffanyAnd Kenzie. Lizwho voted Q to leave the island the night before, was visibly angry about his decision.

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Liz made it clear that she and her daughter enjoy going to Applebee’s and watching Survivor together every Wednesday. She also hadn’t eaten in days due to food allergies. Many of the participants can look for coconuts and fruit, but… LizHer allergies prevent her from eating much.

She finally yelled back Q and crying after he didn’t choose her.

Jeff revealed his reaction on his On Fire with Jeff Probst podcast, saying: “My reaction on the day was very similar to the reaction I just heard again on this podcast. It’s clearly disturbing. That is real emotion and absolute vulnerability.”

He said: ‘This is the kind of moment when Survivor when lots of people will have fun, and there will be memes. But imagine it’s you, and for whatever reason, you’re triggered in the same way. I mean, that’s proof that you forget about the cameras, because there’s no facade there.”

“I have a lot of empathy for it Lizbut it’s also part of the adventure that comes with playing this game, because it’s designed to push you, and sometimes it pushes you so far out of your comfort zone that you collapse in some way,” continued he.

Jeff also addressed product placement comments.

“She said, we go every Wednesday night, and she had a picture of herself and her daughter at Applebee’s. So when I’m out there saying “Applebee’s” to the players, I want you to know that these are not solicited responses. We don’t hold up big cards that say ‘Applause! From Applebee’s!’ That’s legit. And I think for that reason it’s one of the very best partnerships we’ve ever had on the show. It’s a win for Applebee’s, it’s a win for Survivor and it’s a win for the players,” he said.

You can watch the moment around 10:15. Find out the top 7 players left in the game after last night’s shocking elimination.