Asim Azhar releases his debut album ‘Bematlab’

After 11 years in the music industry, Asim Azhar released his debut album Bematlaba milestone moment in his career.

He announced the release on Instagram with a heartfelt post and a video featuring collaborators Talhah Yunus, Talha Anjum, Umair and Hasan Raheem.

Asim expressed his gratitude and said:

“My debut album Bematlab is out now!

“I can’t believe you’re all finally listening to it today. Thank you for making me believe I can do it. Thank you for all these years.”

Asim acknowledged his fans and added:

“There’s a lot to say in my heart, but for now just listen to the album and tell me what you think.”

He urged his followers to share their thoughts on the album, highlighting:

“This is just for you and for everyone who helped me survive – without any conditions or ulterior motives. Bematlab.”

Asim Azhar also thanked his showbiz colleagues and family:

“Also nothing but love for my family who made this possible. Thank you for being part of something so special to me.”

The album contains seven songs, including five collaborations with other artists. Well-known names such as Anjum and Yunus created excitement for the title track and ‘Karma’.

New partnerships with Hasan, Nehaal and Umair are exciting.

Hasan features on the song ‘You’. Nehaal will be seen on ‘Mujhsa Na’ while Umair will be seen on ‘Kyun’.

Asim’s debut album is the culmination of his hard work and dedication and marks a new chapter in his musical journey.

Fans were eager to experience the album and were not disappointed.

They congratulated Asim on his debut album.

One fan said: “I’ve been waiting so long for this!”

Asim Azhar tagged Hasan Raheem in the comment: “YOU! I love it.”

A netizen said, “Not only is Asim’s voice so good, but his ear for music is also insanely good.

“Like on this one beat he starts slow and then Talha comes in and takes over with his style. It’s just perfect.”

A user asked, “Asim Azhar, what is your favorite song on this album?”

Asim replied: “It keeps changing. Right now it’s ‘You’.”

One person commented, “I need the ‘Mujhsa Na’ music video!”

One user commented: “I really like the whole album but Nehaal’s song had no vibe. Her voice sounded too automatic. It sounds better live.”