Why 49ers draft pick Ricky Pearsall isn’t a fan of the nickname ‘YAC Harlow’ – NBC Sports Bay Area & California

Ricky Pearsall grew up with the nickname “Slick Rick,” and it’s such a part of the 49ers’ 2024 first-round pick identity that he uses it in his social media usernames: S1ickSzn.

But would the No. 31 overall draft pick be open to a new nickname?

During an appearance on 95.7 The Game’s “Morning Roast,” host Joe Shasky said he had heard some 49ers fans refer to Pearsall as “YAC Harlow,” a playoff name of musician Jack Harlow.

The 23-year-old Pearsall doesn’t seem to be a fan.

“I’ve never heard YAC Harlow,” Pearsall told Shasky and Bonta Hill. ‘That is different. I don’t know if I can be YAC Harlow. I have to have my own, I can’t be named after someone else.’

Ricky Pearsall - I'm about to be a great 49er

During a recent interview with 49ers team reporter Lindsay Pallares, Pearsall explained how he got the nickname “Slick Rick.”

“It definitely started in high school,” Pearsall told Pallares. “My friends call me Slick Rick because of the rapper, and then it just stayed with Slick for a while.

“And at that point it was just transported to Florida, and they blew it up and ran with it.”

But Pearsall also told Pallares that he’s fine with whatever 49ers fans want to call him.

“Whatever they want, to be honest,” Pearsall said. “(Slick Rick) was just kind of stuck. That was something that stuck in Florida, you know.

“All the (recruiters) – shout out to them – kind of took it and made it a universal thing. So whatever they want to call me…’

If Pearsall turns out to be the newest member of the 49ers’ “YAC Bros” of Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle, the Florida product may have no choice but to accept the name YAC Harlow.

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