Review of the Netflix series ‘T・P BON’

T. P Bon, also known as Time Patrol Bon, is a time-traveling and cute anime series that revolves around the main character Bon. Based on the popular manga series TP Bon, written by renowned author Fukijo Fujio. It is also illustrated by Fukijo Fujio. The manga series was published in 1978 and ended in 1986. Then the anime television movie was released in 1989. I’m not that exposed to anime series; yet I have seen a few that belong to the action genre. But for the first time, I saw an anime that gave me cartoonish feelings.

T. P Bon has finally gotten its anime series version, which is now streaming on Netflix. Now that the anime series is out, I haven’t stopped myself from watching it. And it’s a good thing I get the chance to watch an anime series that’s new to me.

The plot of TP Bon is mainly about Bon, a high school student and an ordinary boy who is in his teenage phase. Bon Namijara lives a normal life, and he is average in everything, but he enjoys his average life. But was Bon prepared for the unexpected turn in his life? The series is a fun, time-traveling and emotional piece.

The story is very fun to watch and interesting. It involves time travel and a plot that kept me hooked until the end of the series. At first it shows Bon and his normal life, but then the real story starts with a bang. When Bon was doing well and enjoying his normal life, one day he witnessed the death of his classmate, leaving him in total shock.

When he checked on his friend while standing on the balcony, he saw that the body was still there, but when he checked again, the body was no longer there. This whole thing made him extremely shocked, and it was only then that he discovered the truth behind the time patrol.

When Bon discovered the truth about Time Patrols, the Time Patrol agents had no choice but to accept him into their team as well. Now Bon joins Ream and Buyoyon to save the people from death. Three of them travel back in time and save people from death. This series is something I never knew I needed.

I’m not an anime series person, but this series made me feel good, and I wish there could be more of it. Plus, it gave me Doraemon vibes, which is one of the main reasons I decided to watch it. T. P Bon has a great storyline and the characters are extremely cute. It has 12 episodes and all episodes are worth watching.

The genre makes it more fascinating to watch, if you are someone who is into the time traveling genre then this one should not be missing from your list. I enjoyed the series and hope there are more seasons.

Final score- (9/10)
Reviewed by – Ayasa Mallick
Publisher at Midgard Times

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