Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! implies that The Chase has been ‘cancelled’ for Victoria Groce at Masters, causing major confusion among fans

DANGER! presenter Ken Jennings has attracted attention during the Masters premiere by speaking about The Chase in the past tense to a nervous Victoria Groce.

Victoria and James Holzhauer are Chasers on the ABC sister show and also compete for $500,000 on Jeopardy! Masters.

Ken Jennings told Victoria Groce, “You were known as the Queen” of The ChaseCredit: Danger!
Victoria corrected him with ‘Are’ with a nervous laughCredit: Danger!
Viewers posted on social media: ‘Is The Chase canceled or not?’ and ‘Uh-oh’Credit: Getty

Danger! The second season of Masters premiered Wednesday night on ABC.

The six elite-level competitors will compete against each other in 18 matches in nine one-hour episodes in May.

In match one, Victoria – who won the Jeopardy! Invitational tournament – “dominated” Mattea Roach and Matt Amodio with 29,867.

Ken chatted with every Master at the premiere, including Victoria, who is also The Queen on The Chase.

The final episode of The Chase season 3 aired in July 2023; Nothing has been said about its status since.

Ken said: “And our viewers probably remember you from The Chase, where you were known as The Queen.”

AreVictoria said to Ken, laughing nervously with her arms in the air.

“Sorry,” Ken replied as Victoria could be seen tilting her head with a sassy look and telling him, “That’s fine.”

“Thank you for taking time out of your busy royal schedule to be with us at Masters,” and Victoria laughed it off.


Of course, the misunderstanding wasn’t lost on viewers, who took to social media to ask if Ken knew something that Victoria didn’t.

“Is The Chase Canceled or Not?” wrote one Redditor in a gaming thread.

“Ken said, ‘You were known as The Queen on The Chase,’ and Victoria said, ‘That’s still what I’m known for,’ implying they had different thoughts about the state of that show.”

“It hasn’t been on display for a year, and as far as I know it’s not scheduled for this summer. It doesn’t seem like anyone really knows what’s going on there.”

“Oh Oh. I hope Ken didn’t just ruin Chase being canceled,” wrote another.

“Could be wrong, but I doubt they would air it if he revealed someone the channel didn’t want revealed,” a third wrote.

“Considering the last new episode aired two years ago, I don’t think it’s a shock to that many people at this point,” wrote a fourth.

‘The fact that Victoria corrected him gives me a glimmer of hope that it will come back. The fact that it has two Chasers in it, and a former one as an anchor, could make ABC reconsider things.”

A recent danger! participant responded, “Just based on conversations at JIT, Victoria and Brandon both speak as if the Chase is an ongoing thing.”

‘Ken made a mistake and Victoria felt offended. It’s not that deep,” someone else argued.


The Chase is a quiz show where teams of three participants try to win money by challenging a quiz expert or Chaser.

Season 1 debuted in 2021 and after Season 3, there has been no news on whether it has been renewed for almost a year since it last aired.

Season 3 saw fan-favorite quizzers like Chasers on the show, Brad Rutter, James, Victoria, Brandon Blackwell and Buzzy Cohen.

Sara Haines is the host and Ken was previously a Chaser but stepped down due to being booked by Daily Double.

Victoria joined for season 3, replacing Mark “The Beast” Labett, and the series finale aired on July 20, 2023.

According to TV Series Finale, it is unknown whether there will be a season 4 of The Chase US

In terms of ratings, Season 3 was not as strong as Season 2, the outlet notes.

Additionally, Blackwell joined The Chase Australia (the game show originated in Britain) and Haines recently joined the revival of What Would You Do? on ABC.

Meanwhile, Victoria won just one game of Jeopardy! in 2005, toppling 19 Days Champion David Madden, so fans have been dazzled by her rise to one of Jeopardy!’s best players!


In the second match, fellow newcomer Yogesh Raut also managed to beat reigning champion James and Amy Schneider of ‘final boss’ with 26395.

The danger! The season 2 premiere of Masters wasn’t without a cheeky joke from James in his game.

He made a NSFW joke about the word “fuchsia” and left the audience cackling as he highlighted the risk associated with spelling the word.

James, 39, cracked the joke as he tackled the ‘Spell It’ category, where participants were instructed to spell each answer out loud.

Ken asked, “Botanist Leonhard’s last name gave us this word for a type of flower and a reddish-purple hue.”

Danger! Masters shocks in nail-biting premiere after legend James Holzhauer suffers rare defeat and newcomers rise

James came in and successfully spelled out the word ‘fuchsia’.

James then joked: “You gotta be careful with that fourth letter there.”

One social media user wrote: “That made me laugh. I can’t stop what James said. Haha!!”

“Tonight’s show was hilarious,” wrote another.

James also had another classic moment with Ken when he called himself “the main event” of the special.


Danger! Masters episodes will be an hour long, meaning there will be two rounds back to back, so all six players will take the stage for the first six quarter-final episodes.

Afterwards there are two semi-finals and one final episode of two matches.

Scheme for danger! Masters in ABC PrimetimeCredit: Instagram/Danger

The tournament started on May 1 and will conclude with a grand final on May 22.

Each match, the winner of each match receives three points, while the runner-up receives one.

Who advances and who is eliminated depends on who has the most points.

The four players with the most points will then advance to the semifinals, and the top three competitors will compete in the finals for the $500,000 grand prize and the Trebek Trophy.

Danger! Masters continues Monday, May 6 (8 p.m. ET) on ABC and Hulu, airing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Masters newcomer Victoria scored a huge victory in her first matchCredit: ABC
James, who surprisingly lost to fellow rookie Yogesh Raut, made a NSFW spelling jokeCredit: ABC
The standings after the premiere of the MastersCredit: ABC