Pérdidas millonarias – David Medrano

The elimination of America from the CONCACAF is an economic golpe for 30 million dollars, you will be able to participate in the Mundial de Clubs of the CONCACAF equipment that will receive between 25 and 30 million dollars and the bounty for the campaign the CONCACHAMPIONS are the 5 million dollars, because the Águilas can have much more important camps and help the club world. In the case of European clubs, you get a $50 million bonus if you participate.


To get the best out of the clubs, especially in Europe for the 2025 World Cup, FIFA is offering a $2 million cash prize to be shared between the 32 participants and earn a premium for the $100 million home country dollars. The tornado is working on the Copa del Mundo format, 8 groups of 4 equipment are one and prevent the first steps to eliminate directly. The problem with the clubs is that the tornado will last a while, because FIFA will economically value the premium to interest the big European clubs.


Ignacio Ambriz made it clear that he needed the Santos management and preferred the Mexican Mercado who goes to the Liga MX. First of all, the names of these people include Luis Amarilla, Cambindo, JJ Macías, Bonatinni, Brian Rubio and Jordy Caicedo. To do this, it is fundamental that you incorporate some of the attack on the form of this way of doing things.