More of 40 allanamientos in Rosario y Córdoba contra el capo narco Esteban Alvarado por lavado

Allanamientos en Rosario y Córdoba contra el capo narco Esteban Alvarado

The condensation of jefe narco Esteban Lindor Alvarado, in fact in the federal criminal case of Ezeiza, while the national government limits communication to the entire criminal case – the marten that make the resolution public in the official Bolet -, versus a new criminal case. Marisol Fabbro and Miguel Moreno’s provincial budgets received a boost 43 allanamientos that you live in the Gran Rosario and in the city of Córdoba by an investigation of a structure that clearly shows that maniobras of lavado activities are carried out based on the withdrawal guidelines. Some people have 7 million pesos, 140 million dollars, a revolver caliber 32, an escopeta caliber 16, a pistol caliber 22, a carbine of the other caliber and a replica of a pistol.

The police commissioner, Natalio Marciani, has indicated that Channel 3 there are 39 operas active in Rosario, San Lorenzo, Pérez, Soldini, Roldán, Capitán Bermúdez and Granadero Baigorria. Other people see life in the capital Cordobesa. “Todos los detenidos son of Rosario. There is an investigation that has taken place several times. It can be said that it concerns vehicles, illegal products in the legal market”, and.

Marciani sees that the part of the allanamientos realizes galpones en cocheras die usaban las personas bajo sospecha para esconder los autos robados. One of the branches is in Puerto Norte, one of the largest neighborhoods of Rosario. “It’s time to know that there are no problems. Once the ’empapelaban’ enters the market. High quality vehicles. Algunas or las maniobras are hacían por encargo. Because it all happened in Córdoba, it is discovered that there are already proven vehicles,” concludes.

In Mendoza already 7200, one of the allanados domicilios in Rosario, you will see under control Gustavo Armando “Tuerto” Cárdenas, a man aged 53 who was sentenced in 2019 by the Federal Oral Tribunal No. 2 to 9 years in prison as the organizer of a band dedicated to the air of the menu in the northern zone of the city. Her support has cost the police investigation 7 million pesos, 130 million dollars and a jail cell that demands it.

Cárdenas has its historical history in the hampa. He started in October 2014 and a service was founded by a crime comedy in 2012, at Fisherton’s 17th. Due to the arrest of the place of residence, in April 2015, the Federal Police and the Aviation Sector Police set up an organization dedicated to the commercial development of companies, which is useful for the reception of 9 years.

The megaoperativo against Alvarado has heard that one is concerned with the imputative public of the public attention and crímenes are considered “narcoterrorists” ocurridos en marzo pasado en Rosario. The tax reporting of the research results is one of the main cases that have condemned Claudio Javier ‘Morocho’ Mansilla as instigators of alfavor attacks, but no indications are given that the direct relationship is related to it.

The data that Alvarado and Mansilla can obtain with the operation through the declaration information of the person are not punishable, as the crime of the taxi driver Héctor Raúl Figueroa (March 5) and the player Bruno Bussanich (March 10) is ejected. The teenager of 15 years who receives a journey through a tercero video recording of a preso-alojado in a federal cartel, is led to commit the murder of the service Puma.

In this situation, the public will give the market of this country a resolution in the official message limit the communication of the withdrawn people, that’s an Ezeiza. If you go through this medical journey, there is basically an extension to 30 days, you can have a telephone conversation with your defense.