Former mayor of Twisp is participating in the 7th parliamentary race

Soo Ing-Moody was elected mayor of Twisp three times and was a past president of the Association of Washington Cities. Ing-Moody, who has served on the Twisp City Council and several local, state and regional boards, is running for the seat being vacated by Republican Jacquelin Maycumber, who is running for Congress.

Ing-Moody is running for the 7th Legislative District House seat in Olympia.

According to her campaign news release, Ing-Moody is currently employed as an Engagement Specialist at the Washington Department of Commerce and lives in Okanogan County with her husband, a paramedic and two children.

Soo Ing-Moody’s leadership was recognized with a Commendation of Valor for her efforts following the 2014 Carlton Complex Fire and the 2015 Okanogan Complex-Twisp River Fire, which killed three firefighters and damaged homes, livestock, businesses and thousands hectares were destroyed. region.

“The fires have taught us that we can overcome anything, even the wort disaster, if we all work together, focus on improving basic infrastructure and ensuring that working people have the opportunities they need to provide for their families and their way of life in the District” said ing-Moody “I know how to effectively navigate the federal and state red tape to get things done and I am willing to work hard to ensure that our communities in District 7 get what we need to be strong for the future”

Ing-Moody has been endorsed by former 12th District Sen. Linda Parlette.

More information about the Soo Ing-Moody campaign can be found at

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