Best part of Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall ’24? Small leather Jorts

Some people say that summer is the season of giant shorts, others argue that the shorter the shorts, the closer to God. Now I may be team Kevin Smith here, but even I have to admit that small shorts just make sense in warm weather.

And when Bottega Veneta gets involved, you know the conversation will turn to the logical luxury ideal.

So: small leather jorts.

Throw away your worn out 5″ baggies, guys. This summer it’s time to put on new leather shoes.

Bottega Veneta’s scaled-down leather bottoms are a nod to the leather trompe l’oeil pieces that are one of creative director Matthieu Blazy’s signature design elements.

These range in comprehensibility from hey-nice-shirt-oh-wow-it’s-really-made-of-leather to an honest leather tracksuit, memorably worn by Bottega muse A$AP Rocky.

I’d say the little leather jean shorts are actually one of Bottega’s more understandable leather pieces. Here are cut trousers that can be worn in warm weather and still make the most of their sumptuous fabrication.

The rest of the Pre-Fall 2024 collection is otherwise quite classic as far as Bottega Veneta is concerned.

All the old favorites are here: intrecciato woven leather bags, che bella Italiano shades, gloriously gold-plated jewelry of the sculptural variety, trench coats all year round.

To know Bottega is to love the stuff, but that doesn’t mean it’s all familiar dishes freshened up for the season.

One of the new pieces is a smart oversized shirt that has been made so large that it becomes a kind of jacket, a kind of middle layer between midlayer and outerwear. It’s subtle, tasteful, it’s clearly Bottega Veneta.

Although, for my money, the little leather jorts are the statement piece of the summer, bar none.

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