Video Of White Kendrick Lamar Fan Saying N-Word With Him On Stage Resurfaces Amid Drake Beef

Kendrick Lamar’s statements about Drake on “euphoria” are sometimes imperfect, like the mix of Joel Osteen and Haley Joel Osment. But even that still makes sense (at least a little bit), and there are other criticisms of the diss track that, while valid, don’t hold up to much scrutiny. For example, a clip surfaced online of a white fan rapping the n-word onstage with K.Dot during his performance of “mAAd city,” which is a staple of many of his live shows. . The reason why it’s relevant to bring it up is because of the last shot he took on Drizzy with his new song: “We don’t want to hear you say n***a anymore.”

Additionally, many called out the hypocrisy this seemingly suggests, but other fans were quick to point out that Kendrick Lamar already addressed this same conflict in his 2022 song “Auntie Diaries.” The viral instance he referenced in that song goes However, about how he “make a white girl say n***ahappened in 2018 and was not this specific clip. It’s also important to note that the footage below, seemingly from much earlier in his career, ends abruptly, so we don’t know if there’s more context or something that the rapper might might have said in retrospect. Back to that 2018 incident, but the white fan said the n-word while rapping the chorus of “mAAd city” (just like this older clip), Kendrick stopped the music and corrected her, and then. let her continue after she apologized.

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Kendrick Lamar performs next to white fan saying the N-word: Look

In the context of “Auntie Diaries,” Kendrick Lamar referenced that 2018 moment as a way to expose his own hypocrisy for using the f-slutter in relation to the LGBTQIA2+ community. Either anyone can say anything, or people must hold others accountable for the bigotry, discrimination, and violent history their words perpetuate. But let’s also be very clear: This article has generated a lot of explanation, something that Drake also deserves when it comes to the misconceptions spreading about his racial identity, his upbringing, and his place in the rap game. Needless to say, both fanbases occasionally reach out to discredit the other.

Meanwhile, chances are Drake will probably try to turn this against Kendrick Lamar in whatever he comes up with in response to “euphoria.” Both have done a good job so far in responding to every point their opponent makes about wax. What’s more is that neither has really dropped ‘the bomb’, something we don’t even know is a possibility against two titans of their stature and career history. But anything is possible, so we’ll see how this argument holds up in the discourse.

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