Darts results LIVE: Luke Littler book place in Premier League semi-final after Nathan Aspinall win – Aberdeen updates

Littler defeats Aspinall

They’re obviously quite close to the stage.

And on stage, these two couldn’t be closer, as the past few weeks have shown.

Aspinall looks distraught as they shake hands after the match.

Littler is definitely raging with someone in the crowd. Sky Sports’ Emma Paton reports that it has to do with some whistlers on one side of the arena. He had also sarcastically cheered them on earlier in the match when he missed a double.

Nathan Aspinall 5-6 Luke Littler

Littler again leaves double 10 and has two darts.

He misses the first one before landing Plum in the middle of the bed to win the match.

He immediately responds by running to the edge of the stage to ‘shh’ the audience. He looks totally excited about something there!

The players then embrace – what a hammer blow that is for Aspinall!

Epic encounter – it had it all!

Nathan Aspinall5-5 Luke Littler

T20, T20 – single 20!

Aspinall just misses tops for the match! Littler gets another chance.

Nathan Aspinall5-5 Luke Littler


Littler misses the target for the match! Now Aspinall has the chance to take out 160.