The importance of the view of the large square in the Gestión de Riesgos

The importance of managing the riesgos. (Freepik)

In the empresariat, the governorship and the way of life, la management of the riesgos It is a basic practice paragraph anticipating and mitigating possible consequences that can impact your goals and benefits. Since there is an embargo, the frequency of destruction of situations with poor vision and foresight in processing negative consequences and including disastrous consequences is caused.

The management of the ries is becoming much greater Ejercicio de cumplimiento normativo oh one administrative formality. There is a herramiente strategica that allows identification, evaluation and proactive response to the uncertainties that could affect our objectives and projects. An effect of risk management involves anticipating possible negative scenarios, drawing up contingencies and taking preventive measures minimize the negative impact.

Respecting a solid vision on the big square for the management of the riesgos means not only focusing on the first and evident riesgos, but anticipating and preparing for the problems desafíos futuros what you can do. If an embargo is imposed on the menu of organizations and organizations that adopt a cortoplastic perspective, the benefit is immediately prioritized sostenibilidad Yes resilience A big square.

There are countless examples of people having poor visibility into queue management. This financial crisis has led to a provocation excessive tolerance in the markethasta disastrous natural disasters Due to the faulty inversion of a resilient infrastructure, the history of the situation is full that the faulty preparation has led to devastating consequences.

A contemporary development is la crisis sanitation facilities worldwide desencadenada by the COVID-19 pandemic. If the infectious diseases represent a serious disease, the errors of preparation and the anticipation of the great result can produce an inadequate response and costs at a global level, including negative positions and decisions about algunos that have a sesgo de anclaje you fuerte and do that Take into account the human way of life.

In addition to the failure of the vision on the management of the enterprise, this perspective is fundamentally integrated into all levels of the organization and into all other decision-making procedures. This involves creating a culture of anticipation and foresight, promoting education and understanding of the emergence of events, and establishing effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

Furthermore, it is critical that multiple parties work together and collaborate and exchange information to define identity and promote holistic and proactive activities.

At the last minute, the process of the ries can be considered a vista inversion in the future, not as a gasto innecesario. By adopting a big square vision and prioritizing anticipation and preparation, organizations and associations can build more resiliently and prepare to face the future.