All-New $225K Rezvani Arsenal Bulletproof SUV Comes Without the 1,000-HP 6.2-Liter HEMI

Typically, Rezvani Motors is associated with oversized, overkill-engineered all-wheel-drive zombie apocalypse daily drivers—and the company itself confirms the stereotypes. The California-based custom builder just announced that a new model is on its way to the public. The official unveiling will take place this summer, and so far, we know the name and price tag: Arsenal, $225,000.

Traditionally, the average Joe doesn’t use armored vehicles (except when his last name is Biden, and he spends his days in the Oval Office of the White House). For once, they’re expensive – the sky is the limit on how much one bullet- and grenade-proof could set back the buyer. And secondly, they’re not exactly user-friendly on a day-to-day basis. Enter armored luxury vehicles.

They combine the best of both worlds, with thick plating to fend off a battalion of burglars and plush accommodation for four or more. Rezvani – now at its tenth anniversary – has made a name for itself by constructing absurdly battle-ready machines for the ‘Rich with deadly enemies’ type of customers. With three models in the current offering (The Vengeance, the Tank Military Edition, and the Hercules 6×6 Military Edition), the teased Arsenal is already facing serious competition.

Rezvani touts the soon-to-be-unveiled model as ‘the most advanced armored luxury vehicle available,’ but also elegant and less conspicuous than the aforenamed siblings with shiny armors. The Arsenal’s bulletproof advantage is literally that: its protective layer of composite armor. This new material is lighter than the tried and tested ballistic steel plates common throughout the security transportation industry. Still, it retains the B6 rating for protection against firearms.

Rezvani Arsenal

Photo: Rezvani

No further details are provided at this point. Still, Rezvani claims that the Arsenal will be the first armored vehicle to offer this advanced lightweight armor. Also, the car will be able to carry seven occupants, just like the manufacturer’s current top offer, the Vengeance. Rezvani’s only photo isn’t very rich in details, but it appears that the Arsenal is similar in profile to the Vengeance.

However, the Arsenal will come with just two engines (the Vengeance, for example, offers four powerplants, ranging from 277 hp to 810 hp). The new model will make do with the 6.2-liter V8, either in its naturally aspirated 420-hp, 460-lb-ft form (426 PS, 624 Nm) or in a more aggressive 675-hp (684 PS) supercharged variant. Surprisingly, the Arsenal doesn’t come with the Mopar hard-punching V8 from the Dodge Demon as the Tank does. (Yes, there’s one bulletproof SUV that has a 1,000-horsepower HEMI in it).

The Rezvani Arsenal will start at $225,000. A build slot can be secured by a $150 refundable deposit – quite a significant drop from the usual $1,500 reserve fee for the other models (that the customers don’t get back if they change their minds, hearts, or personal protection allegiance). No further technical or financial details are available from Rezvani, as the company is getting ready for the big launch at an unspecified date (‘in a few weeks’ can mean anything from mid-May to late August).