Former dean of U of L Faculty of Health Sciences receives award

Hosgood was born in the United Kingdom and moved to Canada as a child. He joined the history department at U of L in 1988 with a specialty in British history. After teaching for ten years, he moved to the administrative sector and worked as deputy dean at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

From there, Hosgood assumed the role of interim dean of the School of Health Sciences, being fully appointed to the position in 2005.

The U of L says the School of Health Sciences at the time was focused on its nursing program, which partnered with Lethbridge College in pursuing the Bachelor of Nursing. The addiction counseling program was added and under Hosgood’s leadership the school became the Faculty of Health Sciences. Programming was expanded to include a Bachelor of Nursing After-Degree program, a Master of Nursing, Public Health, Aboriginal Health, Master of Science, Master of Health Services Management and a PhD in Population Studies in Health. More recently, the Therapeutic Recreation Program was added.

“There are all kinds of different ways to be a dean, but for me it was about talking to people. In the Faculty Council we always had healthy discussions, which brought people together. In Health Sciences, we tried to create a kind of culture where everyone had a say,” says Hosgood.

“I think there was an environment where people felt like they could express their opinions in a respectful way. I believe very strongly in collegial governance.”

Hosgood will be celebrated at the Friends of Health Sciences Dinner on May 23, 2024.

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