Sintana Energy CEO summarizes great month for Namibia’s oil explorer

It’s been an exciting few weeks for Sintana Energy Inc (TSX-V:SEI, OTCQB:SEUSF).

The Namibia-focused oil and natural gas operator announced the acquisition of Giraffe Energy. Following testing by project operator Galp and the expansion of its partnership with Chevron off the coast of Namibia, its part-owned Mopane discovery was confirmed to be a “world-class” asset. was revealed.

CEO Robert Bose joined Proactive to discuss these milestones, which were welcomed by investors who sent the company’s shares 85% higher in the past month.

Proactive: You’ve got a pretty important exploration update on Mopane, so let’s start there. Very positive news, Robert.

Robert Bose: Absolute. It’s something we’ve been waiting for for a while. This exploration campaign was not only fantastic for successfully culminating that effort and announcing results that were literally a best-case scenario. To summarize, several oil discoveries were made in multiple horizons during the campaign. A drill stamp test was also conducted on one of the wells and it was flowing at the infrastructure-constrained maximum limit of 14,000 barrels per day.

The total expected volume of the discoveries exceeds 10 billion barrels, which is simply an absolutely fantastic result for Namibia, for the basin and certainly for Sintana. This would make Mopane one of the largest oil discoveries worldwide in decades, comparable to, if not greater than, some of the significant discoveries in Guyana and other places in West Africa. And that’s just the beginning of what’s to come. That was a great way to start the quarter.

That really sheds light on the area itself when you get these kinds of results.

It has created another level of visibility across the board. It is a much broader task for investors, with many more institutional views on the story. We are seeing very significant increases in trading volume, alongside a fantastic response in the shares. Our story has really led us to present a very different kind of investment opportunity.

You see another company expanding (in Namibia) and that is Chevron. They have a subsidiary that works outside the area you are in. This is a pretty important company taking part in it and putting that next to your name keeps that light shining on your company.

As your viewers may recall, we have had a partnership with Chevron in Namibia for some time. They are working with us in a license in the Orange Basin called PEL 90, immediately east of 83, home of the Mopane discoveries. We have a very important and active relationship with them in the country. To announce that we had expanded that relationship to accommodate them in another license, called 82, located in the Walvis Basin in the north of the Namibian coast, is simply emblematic of the quality of the relationship we have with them . It is a huge result, not only for the basin but also for us.

Another announcement from the company concerns an acquisition called Giraffe Energy. Tell me about this acquisition.

We were absolutely thrilled when I was in Namibia last week to announce that we have entered into a transaction to ultimately take control of an entity called Giraffe Energy. Giraffe works with the Namibian National Oil Company in a license called PE 79 in the Orange Basin. We are absolutely thrilled to expand our exposure to the Orange Basin through this acquisition. It gives us the opportunity to play a much more active role in this, allowing us to exploit the geological and commercial opportunities at PEL 79. In conjunction with the acquisition, we will be working with a best-in-class engineering team that has a long track record in the country, including with regard to PEL 83. We will be able to bring not only our resources to the table, but also new and unique technical means to move this forward. It has certainly been busy and exciting with everything we have experienced. We are really looking forward to the coming quarters.

Quotes have been edited for clarity and style