A reality show features an artificial intelligence for its participants… and Nadie can be described

Entre los reality shows más innovadores (y también alienantes) of the ultimate time, “The circle” the Netflix Explore the limits of technology and social interaction with your courage.

A difference with the Gran Hermano, with a modal presentation, and this reality the participants are affiliated with individual apartments and can only communicate with each other on a digital platform special llama “The Circle”, exclusive to the show. Our competitors It can show you how to create a completely different character (catfish) – or: can be a señor of 60 haciendose pasar for a chica of 10… Conversely, it can become popular among the demás. The target becomes more popular and authentic for most participants, this period is in California. The highlight of the game with the choice of choice is that you will effectively receive a bounty.

Since its early days, “The Circle” has positioned itself as a special social culture, an authentic and virtual representation is a way to act in a certain way. “The program is not a solo busca entrepreneur, it is a reflection on our new relationship with technology and it is a change from current forms of communication”explain Niall O’Driscoll, vice presidente senior de desarrollo en StudioLambert.

The Circle is a barreras, pero The latest experiment with television has decided to create a new front: recording a participant who is not human. Max, an artificial chatbot, is one of the playersIt is a common fascination for the curious and competitive competitors.

Max’s creation: A ‘nació’ of the artificial chatbot that works with the reality show game

No decision has been made regarding the integration of a chatbot into “The Circle”. The program’s equipment is perfect for conducting realistic conversations and conducting conversations, indispensable for navigation in the competitive environment of the show. “No bus creates a distopia of the style of ‘Black Mirror’. Because the inclusion of IA is natural, brings humor and emoción”añade O’Driscoll.

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Max can be configured with a set of clear guidelines: debía creates a compelling risk and the bus is popular, but without the intention of explaining the game. This is the difference between the two catfish traditionalMax can do his job if he really participates as a bigger player.

Entrenamiento en pruebas

Before his debut, Max would sometimes start playing rigorously to ensure that his interación would work properly. “Lo entrevisté como a cualquier otro participant”, dice O’Driscoll. “Le pregunté sobre votre familia, su ducación, sus experiencias et redessociales… The question is whether a topic has emerged that resonates with most people in power.”

Susan House, showrunner and the product of periods 6 and 7 came during the preliminary rounds: “Realize a practical version of ‘The Circle’ with other temporary participants to respond Max. There are no people who are realistic in the era of their way of life, back in the day you need to adapt the aspects of your language that allow formality for your personality”.

One of the great rhetorics is the essence of the game It’s a shame that Max notices that he is experiencing an improvement or an element of disruption demasiado radical. “There are no rules for the platforms that use our boundaries and guidelines that can be created,” says O’Driscoll. During his first years, Max has given more impulses to the many human participants, especially when he is negative about the exclusivity of his exclusivity, which can be perceived as discriminatory.

The humanization of Max

Unlike what you can do with an IA, This can be done to the maximum extent possible to avoid conflict and promote a positive environment. “Siempre se mantuvo en la linea de lo que un jugador regular diría”, comenta House. Hello, your risk in the game is adapted to use a lenguaje that resonates with generation ZThe intention is to enlarge the natural artificial barreras. During his many battles, Max uses an image in a perfil photo manner, explaining that his trust is more than the person being a human with animals. Spoiler alert: the e-strategy feature is perfect and not described by the human participants.

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