4 styling trends for T-shirts for summer 2024


Do you smell summer in the air yet? If you live in Britain, maybe not. Why are temperatures still below 10 degrees? If you live somewhere else, you’re in luck. It’s time to think about wearing a T-shirt without a jacket! Yes, we’re still in spring, but with the upcoming summer of 2024 comes a unique twist on T-shirt fashion, combining everything we love about style. This year’s streetwear and catwalk trends will redefine casual dressing with new energy and old favorites to appeal to all tastes.

The good news is that while you’ve never needed an excuse to stock up on basics, now is the perfect time to future-proof your wardrobe. Although current trends emphasize the beauty of the classics, they will not go out of fashion tomorrow when the next trend cycle arrives.


Below are four standout styles.

Sharply cut tees

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes less really is more – and nowhere else is this more evident than in the tight T-shirt trend. You don’t have to put any effort, money or time into it. You can buy bulk T-shirts with fresh designs from online stores like Wordans and wear them on almost any occasion. Monochrome colors meet fine lines and minimalism: these shirts can best be described as understated elegance. Made from materials such as soft cotton blends or lightweight bamboo fabrics, they exude comfort while still being refined. Their simplicity alone is something we love, making them suitable for both relaxed gatherings and semi-formal occasions.

You can never have too many well-fitting T-shirts in your closet. Make sure you choose quality here. A sprawling, bulging, faded tea with a saggy neckline isn’t going to do anyone any favors, and low-quality T-shirts can easily start to show signs of wear within a few washes.


Retro revival

If there’s one thing we love more than cheerful patterns from the ’70s or ’80s, it’s putting them back where they belong: in modern closets. What better way to achieve this effect than by using retro graphics on T-shirts? They make loud statements when paired with slim-fit jeans or minimalist sneakers, striking a balance between then and now by mixing it up a bit. Grab some tops inspired by the past and combine them with today’s must-haves! You can find them in most stores.

Stay away from the gimmicky ‘retro’ and instead focus on the basic pieces that you could see yourself wearing in many different ways in the years to come.

Summer 2024

Belly button shirt

The classic button-up shirt has been given new life as a cropped button-up tee, forever changing the way you wear your summer clothes. This trend works wonders because of its airy, perfect fit for the warm months and adds shine even when worn casually. These shirts are available in solid colors or fun prints such as floral, fruit, etc., making them versatile enough for any summer day.

You don’t have to go super short if you don’t want to. A hip-length crop is tasteful and comfortable, even if you haven’t perfected those washboard abs yet.

Summer 2024

Blue and white

Pale blue skies and white waves are a key part of the summer aesthetic for every garment this year – so why not transfer them to your T-shirts? They are such fresh, beautiful colors. Soft ocean tones mixed with pure white create a sense of calm that leaves everyone around you feeling refreshed. You can find these shirts in linen for those who like breathable fabrics, or in cotton if you prefer something softer on the skin; Either way, they’re perfect for summer.

Summer 2024 is more than just fun in the sun (hopefully if you have any) – it’s also about showing off your style. And if there’s one thing you can feel comfortable in and show off your style, it’s a T-shirt.

This season gives us everything from wild throwbacks to chic minimalism, so no matter what you’re into, there’s a trend for every fashionista this year! So why not embrace these changes and try something new with your wardrobe this summer – you won’t regret it!