Former Georgia Football player Lynn Hunnicutt honored with J. Reid Parker Post Graduate Achievement Award

Lynn Hunnicutt is a respected figure in the football world. He is a former Georgia football player and local coaching legend. Hunnicutt has won multiple Coach of the Year awards and has a football field named in his honor. He continues to receive recognition and accolades for his contributions to the sport.

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Recently, Hunnicutt was honored with the J. Reid Parker “Post Graduate Achievement Awards.” This award is given to former Georgia football players who excel in their respective fields. The 38th annual awards ceremony was held at Athens Country Club, with several hundred UGA fans in attendance.

ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe was the keynote speaker at the event, which also featured several awards.

Bulldogs, Ladd McConkey and Sedrick Van Pran, received the Jack Turner Award for their outstanding achievements in athletics, academics and community service while on campus.

Hunnicutt and Ladd McConkey

Hunnicutt was honored with the J. Reid Parker “Post Graduate Achievement Awards” presented to former Georgia football players who earned their degrees and distinguished themselves in their chosen professions.

“This award was one of my proudest and most humbling recognitions in light of the many other great University Georgia Bulldogs who have also been honored in the past and who will be honored in the future,” Hunnicutt said. “I felt like the kid who went to the wrong meeting.”

When asked what the University of Georgia meant to him, Hunnicutt said, “In terms of what the University of Georgia meant to me was that it developed the fabric and fabric that I am still made of. Strength, both physically and mentally, but also be honest Through my whole coaching and athletics administrations that I attended. I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge about ‘Tough Love“, and I have always used that knowledge to try to impact many student/athletes that I have had the privilege of being associated with throughout my career. I wanted to have an impactful relationship with them as players also adults that would continue throughout their lives. Hopefully I succeeded, but in reality you should ask them that.”

Hunnicutt graduated from Pepperell High School in 1969. He was a three-sport athlete, playing football, basketball and baseball, and was a three-year letterman.

After graduating from high school, Hunnicutt enrolled at the University of Georgia and played football for three years from 1970-1972. He was a member of the 1971 Gator Bowl Championship team (11-1) and was the leading receiver at Wide Receiver that year. Hunnicutt was also the most outstanding special teams player and received the “Top Dawg Special Teams Award” for his performance.

Coach Doley was quoted as follows“Lynn is one of the most aggressive and surest tacklers on the entire team.”

Hunnicutt’s on-field achievements earned him several accolades, including being named Most Outstanding Georgia Lineman at TE and the J.B. Whitworth Most Valuable Georgia OL Award Winner at TE in 1972. His teammates also named him team captain in 1972, which he served as considers a team captain. of his proudest accomplishments while playing at Georgia.

After graduating from the University of Georgia, Hunnicutt began his coaching career as the offensive line coach at Warner Robins High School from 1973-1980. He then became head coach and athletic director at Fitzgerald High School from 1981-1982 and Pepperell High School from 1983-2006. Hunnicutt led Pepperell High School to a 15-0 undefeated AA State Championship in 1990, earning him the title of AA State Coach of the Year. He later became head coach at Model High School from 2010-2011.

Throughout his coaching career, Hunnicutt coached several UGA signees, including Herschel Walker’s fullback George Collins, Jimmy Womack, OT Victor Perry, All-American Center Todd Wheeler, LB John Allen and Punter Jonathan Kilgo.

Hunnicutt and family

Hunnicutt’s personal life is equally impressive. He is a board member of the Georgia High School Football Hall of Fame Committee and a member of the Georgia Letterman’s Club. Hunnicutt is married to UGA Alumna Marjorie Anne Moss of Cedartown, Go. They have two sons, Jeff and Greg, and four grandchildren. The married couple lives on Weiss Lake in Centre, AL, for six months and on their homestead located on Saint George Island Bay in Eastpoint, FL, for six months.

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